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How do Manifestation Journals Work?

How do Manifestation Journals Work?
how do manifestation journals work

The Low Down on Manifestation Journals

If you're starting to learn about manifestation, and the law of attraction, you might be feeling lost on where to start.  There's a lot of information out there about what you should and shouldn't be doing.  Let's be honest - a lot of the advice out there on manifestation is contradictory and it doesn't all make sense. 

I get it, and I have felt the exact same way.  I started my journey almost a decade ago, and it took me a long time to figure it out. 

If you're on TikTok, you may have noticed there's a new video every few minutes on the "best new manifestation technique" or "the only way to manifest". These videos are fun, and they have some great ideas. But the point is this: manifestation is not new. It's been around for thousands and thousands of years.  The basic "laws" of manifestation haven't changed, and they won't change! 

You might be wondering after all that you have heard about manifestation, how do manifestation journals work?

I got you covered! 

Using a manifestation journal is a fantastic way to become clear on your goals, organize your thoughts, and shift your subconscious mind. When done correctly, a manifestation journal can help you use the laws of the universe to manifest everything you desire with ease. 

So if you are wondering... YES, a manifestation journal does work! 

How do manifestation journals work?

A manifestation journal works by helping you tap into the energy of gratitude, focus your thoughts, and shift your subconscious mind.

They work in many different ways, such as:

  • Shifting your energy from lack to abundance (through gratitude)
  • Focusing your thoughts, organizing your dreams
  • Encouraging you to take inspired action towards your manifestations
  • Revealing limiting beliefs so you can move past them
  • Helping you get crystal clear on what you really what out of life
  • Raising your mood, energy, and vibration.

Not all manifestation journals are created equally though.

So, what is the best manifestation journal? What makes a manifestation journal "good"?

1. A good manifestation journal should focus on gratitude. 

A manifestation journal that ONLY focuses on the things you want or desire... will not help you vibrate at the frequency you need to be at. It will actually place you in a vibration of lack + need. You will begin focusing on what you don't have, which makes you feel desperate. Desperate energy is definitely not good for manifesting. 

If you're selecting a manifestation journal you need to be mindful of this, and choose one that focuses on gratitude! The Manifest + Flow journal places a heavy emphasis on gratitude journaling.  You will write your gratitudes every single day, and also in the weekly recap section every single week. This practice helps retrain your subconscious mind so you can focus on the amazing things in your life right now and attract MORE of these things into your life in the future.

2. A good manifestation journal, should help you become crystal clear on your goals. 

Sometimes, manifestation journals will have you write down your manifestations hundreds of times a day. Or, they require you to create massive lists of all the things you want. These can leave your mind feeling scattered, overwhelmed, or even plain exhausted! Feverishly writing down all the things you want in life, doesn't match the vibrational frequency needed for manifestation. 

The best manifestation journals leave you feeling clear on your goals. Writing down 3-4 manifestations daily is a good way to keep your journaling practice concise and focused.  The best manifestation journals will also have the same number of "wants" as they do "gratitudes". You are both grateful for what you have and desiring more, right?

3. A good manifestation journal motivates you to take action.

A good manifestation journal motivates you to take inspired action. Taking action is such an important part of  The Universe. We can't sit back, do nothing, and magically our desires appear in front of us. We work alongside The Universe to design and create our lives. 

Look at this way. Imagine you were manifesting a massive lottery win, but you never bought a ticket. It would be pretty hard to win the lottery without a ticket! So always remember this one key to manifestation: you have to take inspired action.

The Manifest + Flow Journal requires you to write a  daily to-do list with all the actions you will take towards your goals that day.  These actions can be big or small, but they should always feel aligned.  The journal requires you to write multiple aligned actions you will take that day to manifest your dreams. You will start the day feeling powerful, accountable and motivated, and we LOVE that!

4. A good manifestation journal should create a sustainable daily habit.

If you're manifestation journaling takes hours everyday to write, there's a good chance you won't keep up with it. That type of time commitment is not sustainable for most people.  Your journal should be sustainable long term. You want a journal that can be done every single day. You are creating a habit after all. 

5. A good manifestation journal should require daily affirmations. 

Affirmations are an important component of manifestation. If you're new to affirmations, these are positive statements used to shift your subconscious mind. For example, if you are manifesting love but don't always feel worthy of it, you may try an affirmation like "I am worthy of the love I desire". You can repeat this affirmation throughout the day, until slowly overtime you begin to believe it. 

I normally suggest choosing one affirmation per day. You can use the same affirmation for weeks and weeks at a time if you like, but choosing one to focus on throughout the day is easier to manage than having a list of 3-5 affirmations. You likely won't remember them, and therefore won't use them during the day. Choose one, take a screenshot of it, write it down - memorize it if you need to!

Where to buy a good manifestation journal

Buying a good manifestation journal is an investment, and you want to make sure you are buying the best manifestation journal out there. There are many options, and they are continuing to pop up, so always do your research and ensure the manifestation journal you choose feels completely aligned with your goals, and is more than just a pretty cover!

Of course, you can find manifestation journals on Amazon. But most likely they are not the quality you're after. Most of the manifestation journals you find on amazon are 100 pages or less, plain notebooks inside, and not based on actual manifestation techniques. I have purchased almost all of them and was disappointed every time. 

The Manifest + Flow journal was designed to retrain your mind, shift your subconscious and teach other to manifest with ease, and personally, we think it's the best journal out there for manifesting!  It is not only aesthetic AF, but it's also powerful, intentionally, and designed using the best manifestation techniques available. 

There have been so many positive reviews about this journal, and you can even read some of them in the comments on TikTok - just look up @manifestandflow

Manifestation journals do work, and they can help you build the life you have been craving all along. You deserve to be happy, fulfilled and abundant. So get out there, chase your dreams and start manifesting bestie! 

Have questions about manifestation? Drop a comment below or send  a message on Instagram

 - Chelsea


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