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Manifest + Flow  Journal
Manifest + Flow  Journal
Manifest + Flow  Journal
Manifest + Flow  Journal
Manifest + Flow  Journal

Manifest + Flow Journal

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The Manifest + Flow journal is not your everyday journal. Far from it, in fact! 

This manifestation journal is a powerful tool, that will help you become crystal clear on your goals, practice daily gratitude and affirmations, and commit to your self-love journey. 

Manifest + Flow is a manifestation, gratitude journal and planner rolled into one. It's 320 pages of material and activities that will take you through a 6 month journey of manifestation & self-love!

This undated planner can be used whenever you are ready to commit to some serious life changes. We love this journal because it requires only a few minutes a day, but can make a profound impact on your state of mind.

Are you ready to finally achieve those goals and start living the life you desire?

  • A 6-month daily planner with juicy journalling prompts, goal setting, and manifestation activities
  • Effective journal prompts, intentionally designed to identify subconscious thought patterns and release limiting self-beliefs
  • 6-month and 12-month goal setting activities
  • Self-Care Commitment Design
  • Morning + Evening Routine Schedule Design
  • 6-month Accountability Tracker
  • Weekly Planner
  • Daily gratitude journaling activities
  • *NEW* now comes in a black + white Manifest + Flow box (use as a vision board box) 

With every journal, you will get a crystal mystery pouch!