How to Manifest with Crystals


how to manifest using crystals

Have you ever wondered, what are crystals? And.... why are they good for manifesting? If you're new to this concept, you're in the right place! We are obsessed with all things crystals and manifestation, and we have been studying and using them for years!  In fact, we created a whole manifestation journal to help you manifest your dream life - and of course, we HAD to include crystals with the journal. The two just go hand-in-hand. We will tell you exactly how to manifest with crystals in this blog post, so you can get started on your journey today. 

Manifesting with crystals is actually incredibly easy. This concept has been around for thousands of years, and cultures around the world have been using crystals. 

Let's start at the basics. 

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is the process of using the mind, thoughts, and frequency to attract what you want in life. The topic of manifesting is definitely more popular today than it has been in recent years (many say the movie The Secret sparked this newfound popularity), but let's not forget the rich history of manifestation that goes back thousands of years. 

Manifesting, the concept, has roots in Hinduism, and there are many ancient texts that speak to this. So know that when you are talking about manifesting, there is much more to it than what you may have seen so far on social media! It's so important to explore the roots of what we practice today when it comes to spirituality. 

So, ultimately, manifestation can be simplified to mean the creation of your own reality! What you think about, you bring about. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions all matter. 


How to Manifest with Crystals

There is something unique about crystals that make them a great tool to support your manifestations.  Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also provide energy, and can shift energy in the room.  Crystals can help you manifest because they can raise your vibration, release negative energy and help you tap into the energy needed to align with your manifestations. 

Every crystal has it's own unique energy. They all vibrate at various frequencies, and hold unique properties that lend themselves to various intentions and objectives. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to manifesting with crystals.

1. Select the right crystal

Each crystal has it's own unique properties. That means, it is capable of providing different energy to align with specific intentions. There are two ways to go about this.  You can let your intuition guide you - don't look at the properties of the crystal. Set an intention while browsing, and let the crystal speak to you! So if you are manifesting a new job, put the thought out there that you want to select a crystal to help you with your manifestation of a new job. When a crystal jumps out at you - thats the one to use. Often, your intuition is right. 

Alternatively, you can review unique properties of crystals to find out what they are good for. When you find a crystal that matches what you are looking for, starting working with that crystal. 

2. Cleanse and charge your crystals

When you receive your crystals in the mail, take some time to cleanse and recharge them. They have passed through many hands to get to you, and there may have been an energy exchange! We have a whole blog post on cleansing your crystals here. But, we always recommend you research the safest way to cleanse your crystal before starting anything. Some crystals are not water-safe, others cannot be placed in salt. Be sure to do your research. 

3. Program your crystal

This is often the "forgotten" piece when it comes to working with crystals. Programming the crystal for a specific intention is a great way to start manifesting with crystals. After cleansing, hold the crystal in your hand. Close your eyes,  connect to your breath. Visualize your manifestation. In your mind (or out loud) set your intention. You can state something like "I am programming this crystal to support my manifestation of abundance" for example.  State aloud exactly what you want to manifest. 

4. Work with the crystal daily 

Set it and forget it is not the technique we suggest when it comes to manifesting. It's up to you how to work with your crystal, but set aside some time to intentionally use the crystal for your manifestations. You can use your manifestation journal and keep your crystals nearby or even on the journal itself. Or, you can wear it on the daily, meditate with it - so many ways to work with crystals. The important part is to be intentional, think about your manifestations, connect with the energy of the crystal and take time to visualize what you want. 

Manifesting with crystals is a great way to raise your vibration and tap into the abundance of The Universe. 

If you are wondering, which crystals are "best" for manifestation read on. Keep in mind you may want to skip this part below if you are going to select your crystals using your intuition. If that's the case - head directly to the shop here

Which crystals are good for manifesting?

Here is a list of crystals that are known to support manifestations - of course, any crystal can do that! But, these have unique properties that make them particularly suitable. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the master healer, that can amplify energy and help you manifest any desire. We love clear quartz because it can be programmed for absolutely ANY intention (abundance, love, health etc).  If you have other crystals, pairing them with clear quartz can amplify their energy, making them more powerful!

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the Universal Stone of Love. It's known to support manifestations related to self-love, romance, compassion and unconditional love. Whether you are manifesting a specific person, a relationship, or just want to fall back in love with yourself... Rose Quartz can help! 

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is the stone of opportunity. It's known to attract wealth, abundance, and good luck.  It's a great stone if you are manifesting a new job, increased wealth, or just need a bit of good luck! 


Citrine is another great stone for manifesting wealth and abundance. It's known to increase feelings of happiness, and help with motivation. If you're lacking the drive to get your small business off the ground - try working with citrine! 


Nuummite is highly underrated! This stone connects you with the magic of The Universe, and is amazing for manifesting almost anything. Program this crystal for whatever you are manifesting, and work with the energy daily to see a shift in your energy. 


Malachite is a beautiful crystal that is protective, but also great for transformation. If you're looking to change your life in the best way possible, malachite can help. 


Not always a popular choice due to the strong, powerful energy, but obsidian is great for transmuting negative energy. If you feel others may be dragging you down, you're in a negative environment, or just want to ensure you are vibin' high - try obsidian! 

These are just a few of our favourites but there are many crystals that can support your manifestation. Try them out and see which ones resonate with you! 

Our manifestation journal and crystal selection is here

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