This full moon is a good time to unpack your emotions, challenge your narratives and do some journalling. 

This full moon, it's important to uncover your true desires. Have you been playing small? Downplaying your desire because you don't feel worthy? Where do your desires lie this month? These are important questions to ask yourself during the pink supermoon in April 2021. 

The pink supermoon may feel like you're being forced into difficult situations,, challenges, and change that you didn't ask for. But, rest assured, you can overcome this darkness and come out to the beautiful bright light on the other side.

You may feel pressure and a newfound determination to overcome obstacles - Use this newfound courage to start tackling your dreams!  

How to prepare for the pink supermoon in 2021

1. Cleanse/Charge your crystals

If you enjoy cleansing/charging/programming your crystals - now is a fantastic time to do it! Set your crystals out to bask in the beautiful moonlight on April 26. After your crystals have been charged by the moonlight, program them with the intention for the next month 

2. Make moon water

Moon water rituals are a beautiful way to tap into the energy of the full moon. The moon affects the ocean's tides and there is a deep, beautiful connection between water and the moon.  When you add intention to your water, you can create a tool that can be used for everything from watering your plants to adding to a spiritual bath, to cleansing the energy in your space.