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Moon Magic: How To Create Your Own Moon Rituals

Moon Magic: How To Create Your Own Moon Rituals

Moon Phases

We are affected by moon magic -  even if we don’t realize it! Lunar power impacts our body, mind, sleep, and spiritual practices, and when we align with the moon's phases through moon rituals, we can manifest our greatest desires!

Various cultures have practiced moon rituals that align with the moon’s phases. At our crystal shop in Hamilton, we are seeing more and more people looking to practice moon rituals at home – picking up moon oracle decksmoonology books, and crystals to this channel this lunar energy. 

We experience the moon’s energy every single day. It plays a critical role in stabilizing our climate and planet. As the Earth rotates, it is in sync with the moon and is considered a satellite that creates our tides. Without our beautiful feminine moon, life would become very dark (literally and metaphorically!)

Without the moon, our ocean tides would get smaller, which would have detrimental effects on marine life. Our nocturnal animal friends would also lose the light they need to hunt, meaning marine life and mammals would become extinct. Climate would change rapidly, with some areas becoming much too hot and others experiencing a deep freeze. The moon’s gravitational pull holds Earth in place, and if it wasn’t at this specific tilt, we could end up in another ice age.

The moon is much more than a big rock in the night sky. It possesses incredible spiritual powers. When you tap into the moon’s phases, you are connected with a powerful energy that can help you manifest your dreams! 

To know the moon phases, you don’t need to be an astrologist or work for NASA. We can see them when we look up at night. Sometimes we see a bright, full moon, and other times it’s just a sliver. Each night, we witness the moon’s phases as the moon's appearance changes. Eight moon phases represent the sun’s reflection on the moon that change its appearance. If you want to create your moon rituals, the first step is to understand these phases. 

The first is the new moon phase. This is when we can’t see the moon, and the sky is at its darkest. Following the new moon is waxing crescent. If you are located in the northern hemisphere, you will see waxing crescent as a thin crescent shape on the right. 

Following the waxing crescent is the first quarter moon. During this phase, you will see the right half of the moon. Waxing gibbous is next, which is slightly larger than a half moon but not quite a full moon. The most notorious phase for moon rituals is the full moon. 

We can all recognize a full moon. It is bright and big as it is fully illuminated by the sun. Following the full moon, you will witness waning gibbous. This moon phase is when the left side is illuminated (when in the Northern hemisphere). It isn’t as illuminated as a full moon but greater than a half moon. The third quarter moon is the half-moon where the left side is illuminated. Last but not least is the waning crescent moon phase. This is when we see a sliver of crescent light on the left. The cycle will then repeat, going back to the new moon. 

Each of the eight phases has its own spiritual meaning, and you should align your rituals accordingly. In doing so, you will feel more aligned and connected to lunar energy. To help you create your own moon rituals, I’ve provided examples for the new moon, waxing moon, and full moon. You will see they are all interconnected. Practicing these rituals during these three moon phases will strengthen the moon’s magic; however, you can also practice them individually. 


New Moon Ritual  

  1. Before beginning your new moon ritual, you want to remove distractions. This means putting away your phone and computer and turning off your television. The new moon is a time to turn inwards, and you are better able to do this when you shut out the competing outside voices that are always coming at you through text messages, emails, and social media. Meditate with your crystals to still your mind. Just 10 minutes of holding a calming crystal like amethyst or lepidolite will help quiet any internal chatter. 
  2. Once you are in a better head space, it’s time to call in your spirit guides. Your spirit guides can be religious figures, ancestors, angels, or natural elements. These spiritual beings will help guide you through the ritual and deeper your reflection. 
  3. Next, take one of your crystals and hold it in your hand. Pick the crystal that is calling you at that moment. It can be a rough, tumble, point, or carving. 
  4. While holding your crystals, light a candle or incense. Smoke and fire are symbolic of the new moon and have cleansing properties.  
  5. You’ve created a space to draw in messages from the Universe or your spirit guides. You can use tarot cards or an oracle deck to receive these messages. Put your crystals on the floor in front of you and shuffle your deck. Then when you feel called to, spread the deck on the floor in front of you and pull a card. This is your message. Write this message down in your journal.  We will come back to this later. Next, write out your goals and dreams. What are your intentions? What do you want to achieve? Have? Or feel? Write it down as if you are presenting them to the new moon. Now reflect on the message you received and your intentions, and how this will impact your path to receiving.
  6. Finally, express your gratitude and thank the new moon for its magic. 

Waxing Moon Ritual

  1. For the waxing moon ritual, you will need an oracle deck. If you can, select one that focuses on the moon, like the monology oracle deck. 
  2. Before you draw cards, you must shuffle the deck. You can shuffle for as long as you feel called to. Use this time to open yourself up to messages and connect with the deck by closing your eyes and taking several deep breaths. 
  3. Then, think of all the intentions and desires you journaled about during your new moon ritual. *Note, if you didn’t complete a new moon ritual, write down your desires before starting this ritual. 
  4. With the cards spread out in front of you, start waving your left hand over your cards – back and forth. Close your eyes and wait for a magnetic pull to draw you to a specific card.
  5. Draw one card and place it on top of the row of cards. Now, draw the second. Flip over these cards. The messages you receive are for your actions—the actions you should take to achieve your desires. 


Full Moon Ritual 

First and foremost, the full moon is a fantastic time to charge your crystals! You can simply leave them in the moonlight or incorporate them into your full moon ritual.   

  1. Sit on a cushion outdoors or in front of a window. You want to be where the moonlight is visible, basking under its light. If you like, sit in front of an altar. This can be a shelf, table, or tray that contains items that are sacred to you. Crystals, photos, or items from nature are fantastic. You can also use pictures of what you want to manifest. 
  2. Hold a crystal in each hand, or place your hands, palms up on your knees. Now, close your eyes and visualize the moon’s bright white light surrounding you and traveling through your body.  
  3. As the moon’s life envelopes you, think of your intentions. You receive everything you have ever desired while the moonlight purifies your mind, body, and soul. 


Add or remove elements as you like.  You may also take a cleansing bath with herbs, candles and crystals or sip an elixir or tea in gratitude.  Personalized rituals are the most powerful.

The moon’s magic is yours to harness. Personalizing the above moon rituals can strengthen your connection with the Universe and manifest your dreams. In addition, moon rituals are potent practices for crystal work, self-reflection, and manifestation. If you have questions about how you can channel moon magic, stop by our crystal store in Hamilton, and we can help! We have several tools like crystals, incense, candles, oracle decks, and books that will strengthen your moon rituals at home. And if you aren’t in Hamilton, you can always buy crystals online on our website.



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