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Crystal Shops in Hamilton and Toronto

Crystal Shops in Hamilton and Toronto

Where to Buy Crystals Toronto / Hamilton

Where to buy crystals in Hamilton, Toronto, GTA


There is something so magical about spending the day crystal shopping. Whether you’re shopping online, or browsing at a physical store, crystal shopping is an amazing way to spend the day. Grab a tea or coffee and just take it all in!  Most major cities in Canada and the U.S have metaphysical stores or crystal shops, but knowing where to find the best ones near you can be tough! Some metaphysical shops don't focus on their online presence so you may have to dig a bit further to find one near you.

If you’re in Hamilton,Toronto, or the GTA, there are plenty of crystal shops around. The good news is every shop will have a little something different. Some shops will be focused on crystals and crystal jewelry, others will be focused on witchcraft and apothecary merchandise, while others may have a little bit of everything.  The good news is, we can tell you exactly where to go to buy crystals in Toronto, Hamilton, or the GTA! 

Best Crystal Shops in Hamilton, Toronto, and GTA

First stop...Manifest + Flow!

Manifest + Flow is a crystal shop and metaphysical store located in Hamilton, Ontario, only 45 minutes outside of Toronto. This is one crystal shop you do not want to miss! The shop is packed full of a huge selection of crystals, crystal jewelry, metaphysical supplies, books, tarot decks, incense and more. 

Buying crystals is a  very unique, individual experience. You want to feel welcomed, appreciated and valued the moment you walk through the door. You want to make sure the crystals are fairly priced, and good quality. Then, you have to consider their source. Do they source their crystals responsibly?

Whether you are a crystal collector, or brand new to the spiritual world, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for at Manifest + Flow. The entire store was designed with the customer in mind. 

Here’s some things to look forward to when visiting this Hamilton Crystal Shop:

The Crystal ATM

In August 2021, Manifest + Flow was an online only retailer, focused on creating a fun, unique shopping experience for customers that was totally different from every other crystals shop out there. That’s where the Crystal ATM came from. The crystal ATM is a customer-favourite at Manifest + Flow, and is now available for in-store purchases at the Hamilton location.

Here’s what it’s all about:

The Crystal ATM is a big beautiful pink custom-made vending machine full of mystery crystals. You can choose a mystery tumble, mystery rough, mystery crystal bracelet or even a crystal mystery box. You select the number you feel drawn to, and out comes your crystal. You won’t know what you are receiving until you open it up.  That’s the fun part! 

Customers have traveled to Manifest + Flow from Toronto, Oakville, Burlington… some even coming from British Columbia and Halifax, to get their hands on some of these gorgeous mystery crystals! The trademarked machine is one of the “claims to fame” of Manifest + Flow, and you’ll love opening up your box of crystals. 

The crystal ATM is only one of the reasons why customers travel to Hamilton to buy their crystals here. 

High-Quality Crystals

where to buy crystals in Hamilton Toronto GTA

Customers looking to buy high-quality crystals in Hamilton or Toronto will be blown away by the selection here. Manifest + Flow chooses crystals that are affordable, responsibly sourced and excellent quality. When you see the gorgeous selection of tumbled crystals or crystal jewelry, you’ll see what we mean! Every tumble is perfectly formed, with the most beautiful vibrant colours. 

Affordable Prices

Affordable crystal shops are not always easy to find, especially in larger (more expensive) cities like Toronto. So, when you want to find an affordable crystal shop near you, you might have to look a bit harder. Manifest + Flow has a huge selection of affordable crystals and crystal jewelry. If you’re looking for a statement piece but don’t want to drop $500…this is your store! There are massive statement towers here for under $130, and the quality is amazing! 

Customer Freebies

Who doesn’t love a good freebie? Manifest + Flow Crystal Shop is known for its freebie offers. Firstly, when you sign up to their email list you can receive 10% off online orders. Since they are local, your item ships pretty quickly and will be at your doorstep in a few days. If you’re shopping in person, you may receive a beautiful affirmation card, a free crystal, or even some incense. Spend over $30, and you’ll receive an in-store freebie. 

Authenticity Guarantee

where to buy crystals toronto

So, if you’ve read other posts on the site, you know there can be fake crystals roaming around the internet, or sometimes even in physical stores. This is why it is so important to choose a reputable, knowledgeable crystal shop that exclusively carries authentic, natural crystals and minerals. Manifest + Flow offers an authenticity guarantee on all their crystals. This means you will get the crystal you are paying for, and not a synthetic imposter. There are so many crystal shops to choose from in Hamilton and Toronto, but most of them won’t offer a 100% money back guarantee for authenticity. 

Cute Instagrammable Decor

Who doesn’t love a shop with cute decor? Manifest + Flow in Hamilton is a pink-lovers dream. The neon lights, abundance of plants all around, bamboo lighting, flowers, and pink crystal atm… it makes for great instagram or TikTok content. Spend the day with your friends, and take a video using the machine. It’s too cute to resist! 

If you are looking for an amazing crystal and metaphysical shop in Hamilton or Toronto… you need to check this one out. Head to 599 King Street East, Hamilton Ontario.

Or head to the website here to shop the collection online.


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