How to Tell If Your Rose Quartz is Real

You've purchased a piece of Rose Quartz, and you're wondering - is it real? Sometimes, Rose Quartz is so beautiful it seems too good to be true. Other times, it looks nothing like you expected and feels a little bit "off". 

It can be challenging ordering crystals online, because there are certainly fakes out there. The good news is Rose Quartz is a crystal more readily available, and it's not as common to see fakes out there as some people want you to believe.

That being said, there is definitely fake Rose Quartz out there. So it can help to have some background knowledge on ways you can tell if your Rose Quartz is real. A reputable crystal shop online would never, ever sell you fake crystals. Most shops also have proper testing techniques so we can always tell if a crystal is correctly labelled and genuine. 

real rose quartz

(this is an image of an authentic, rose quartz bracelet)

If you have purchased from somewhere you're not quite sure is reputable, here are some things you can do to tell if your rose quartz is real. 

1. Real Rose Quartz will be cool to the touch

Genuine Rose Quartz will be slightly cool to the touch. This means, if your crystal is stored in the same location as glass for example, the rose quartz will feel slightly cooler.  This is not a drastic temperature difference, but it is noticeable.  Your crystals will warm up if you are wearing them, placing them in the hot sun, or anywhere super warm, so keep this in mind! 

2. Fake Rose Quartz will have air bubbles

Fake Rose Quartz is often made of dyed glass. This means it may have noticeable air bubbles in it. This is different than the normal cracks, crevices and inclusions found in natural quartz.  If you're not sure what these air bubbles might look like - think of marbles! 

3. Rose Quartz is heavier than glass

Rose Quartz, or Quartz in general would be slightly heavier than glass. A large piece of Rose Quartz should be quite heavy. This might be more difficult to tell if you're talking about a bracelet or necklace, but for large tumbled stones or points, it will be heavier than glass. 

4. It will scratch glass

Professional retailers are very familiar with the Moh’s hardness scale. The Moh's hardness scale is the best way to tell if your Rose Quartz is real or fake. Each crystal is rated on it's hardness. For example, diamonds are a level 10 (super durable and tough!). Glass on the other hand, is a 5. Quartz (Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz etc.) is a 7. So what does this mean? It means Quartz is harder than glass. 

The test you can do at home is this:

Take your raw piece of rose quartz, and scratch it along a piece of glass. If it can scratch glass, it's real.  Using tumbled or polished quartz isn't beneficial, but try it out with a raw chunk! 

What if it looks too perfect?

Sometimes, people will say "if it looks too perfect it's a fake". This might be true, but it depends largely on the price and size.  For example, if you're buying a very high-quality tumble, it can look close to perfect.  There may be few lines,  or imperfections and it might be a beautiful shade of pink. This does not automatically mean it's fake. It often means it's a high-quality piece of Rose Quartz. That being said, the price would likely reflect the quality. 

As the pieces get bigger, you are less likely to find a 'perfect' piece. So, for example, a large rose quartz tower will most definitely find lines and imperfections throughout it. 

Is the price too good to be true?

If the price seems too good to be true, it might be.

Retailers choose the quality of Rose Quartz they are going to sell. Every time we purchase tumbles wholesale, we have a choice of 3-4 different levels of quality that we can purchase.

We have made a choice in our store for example, to only sell high-quality crystals, which comes at a higher-price tag. It would be impossible for us to sell large, high-quality rose quartz tumbles at $2 a piece. We would lose money quickly! 

It is also more expensive when you are choosing to source crystals ethically and responsibly. Ethically sourced crystals do cost more, as you are paying to ensure that workers are paid a fair, sustainable wage. You are also ensuring that environmental best-practices are respected through the mining practices. Sometimes, the cheapest way is not the best way.

If you're purchasing crystals online, and they claim to be ethically sourced, exceptionally high-quality, authentic and the crystals are a good size (or large)... but the price is extremely cheap, be hesitant.  They may be fake, or simply not the quality they claim them to be.

Where to buy authentic, real crystals online?

There are lots of online shops selling crystals these days. But, like any industry, not all shops are created equal. I was SHOCKED to see that Shein was selling crystals. I am going to be blunt - do not buy your crystals from Shein, please. I cannot even imagine where they are sourcing them from.  But, this is a whole other topic in itself! 

When searching for a retailer, there are many things to look at.

1. Do they have a social media presence? Having presence on social media is a good thing, as you can often learn more about the business. You can see if they are knowledgable, trustworthy, and if they have lots of happy customers! 

2. Do they have an authenticity guarantee? We are experiences and confident in our crystals. This is why we guarantee authenticity in everything we sell. We know we are selling genuine, authentic crystals so it simply makes sense!

3. Where are they located? Are they transparent with their shipping details? Sometimes retailers will not disclose their location. I don't mean their physical address, but where in the world they are shipping from. Don't trust a crystal business that dropships. If they are telling you they are from Ontario Canada, but are dropshipping crystals from China, it would make me nervous. This would mean the retailer would not be checking or verifying the quality and authenticity of the crystals before they ship them to you. Not good!

If you want to shop for authentic and high-quality crystals, click here to head over to our store!  We know you'll love your crystals and can shop confidently knowing you're buying the REAL deal! 

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