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Where is the best place to buy crystals online?

Where is the best place to buy crystals online?



best place to buy crystals online

You're looking to buy some crystals, but you're not sure where to buy them online. I know -  it can be tricky navigating the online crystal world. Sure, there are the issues of fakes and mislabelled crystals. But, you also want to know the crystals you're buying are sourced responsibly and are good quality. 

Crystal quality varies significantly from store to store. Some stores will offer a range of crystals that are all different qualities, while others, exclusively stock their "digital shelves" with A-Quality crystals.  This can impact pricing significantly. 

I always encourage people to do a bit of research when shopping for crystals online. Understand who you are buying from - where are they located? what is the return policy? Do they source their crystals ethically? Are they knowledgable and easy to contact?

If you want to know the best place to buy crystals online, you're in the right place. When we started Manifest + Flow, we had a few goals in mind, and we wanted Manifest + Flow to be the best online crystal shop.  We wanted to:

  • Create a beautiful crystal community. We wanted to connect with other crystal lovers from around the world. Create discussions about crystals, crystal healing, and help each other navigate our unique spiritual journeys. 
  • Create an online store that sources crystals responsibly. This was such an important aspect of our journey. We wanted to dig deeper into the wholesale industry, and know that the crystals we sell are sourced responsibly and ethically (this means for both the environment and the workers in the mines). 
  • Help educate and provide resources for crystal beginners.  TikTok didn't exist when I started using crystals, and Instagram wasn't yet popular. I spent a lot of money on courses and books to learn about crystals and their healing properties. It added up quickly, and I always think how amazing it would have been to have free information at my fingertips back then. So, we wanted to create an online platform that makes crystals accessible - sharing valuable information with our community to help them along. 
  • Sell high-quality crystals at a good price. We love crystals not only for their healing properties, but also because they are simply beautiful and magical and created by our beautiful planet. We wanted to curate a beautiful store that made buying crystals online easy. We hand-pick our crystals for colour and quality. Which means you will always receive exceptional crystals at a good price. 
  • A fun store that puts their customers first. We love that we get to run this small business, and it's our customers who make it possible. We want to create an experience for our customers from beginning to end. 

Best Place to Buy Crystals Online

Buying crystals online should be fun, and easy. We hope you find our store to be a helpful resource for you to shop confidently for crystals online. Our crystals are always high-quality, and we guarantee authenticity. 

Manifest + Flow is an online crystal shop located in Ontario, Canada we ship within 1-2 business days. We ship to Australia, United Kingdom, 

If you are shopping for crystals online, here's what you need to know!  Manifest + Flow offers:

  • Free Crystal Mystery Pouch for all orders over $20
  • Free North American Shipping for all orders over $60
  • Fast processing (we ship orders out within 1-2 business days)
  • Exceptional Customer Service 7 days/week
  • Large variety of high-quality, responsibly sourced crystals 
  • Education and Resources on Crystals + Manifestation 

We can be reached via email, or on Instagram, @manifestandflowshop with any questions you may have about shopping for crystals. 

Ready to do some crystal shopping? Head over to our shop here. 


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