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How to Buy Authentic Crystals Online

How to Buy Authentic Crystals Online
Where to buy authentic crystals online


Have you ever purchased a crystal online, only to receive it and it's totally fake? This is such a disappointing experience. I have been there, and have certainly been tricked over the years.  It took me a while to find a reputable crystal supplier. There was a lot of trial and error when sourcing one online (which became quite costly!)

Dishonest suppliers are crafty these days, and the internet isn't always an honest place!

However, I have learned some helpful tips along the way, and I am here to pass these lessons onto you!

If you are shopping online for authentic crystals, here are some tips to keep in mind while you shop. 

1.  Do your research!

Look into the store you are buying crystals from.

When buying anything online, it's important to do your research on the store. Who runs the store? Where is it operated from? Do they have social media? Social media is a great way to look into a business. If they have positive comments, engagement, good quality photos and videos, you can feel more confident buying from them.   This doesn't mean they have to have tons of social media followers either - but reading comments and viewing their content will tell you a lot! 

If you aren't sure, check if they keep their stock on-hand, or if they are using a drop shipping service from Alibaba/AliExpress. If they are - I would steer clear! 

I found a store once a few years back (before I opened my own online crystal shop) that appeared to be based in the United States.  I purchased a few bracelets from them and some tumbled stones. When it took nearly 30 days to receive my order, I looked into it further because that seemed excessive! I realized I had purchased from a store based in China rather than the US,  which is why shipping was taking so long. That didn't concern me too much as there are reputable wholesalers in China. But what did concern me, is they blatantly lead people on to believe they were based in California.

Anyways, I waited patiently for my product, and when I opened the package, I could tell right away they were not authentic. Super disappointing. I contacted them, but they didn't provide any assistance or support. I then googled the business and found a LOT of negative reviews. That brings me to my next point...

2. Check for negative reviews online. 

If the store has a lot of negative reviews when you google it - I would probably avoid it altogether. While every store will probably have some negative feedback, if customers are writing that their products are fake... trust them, and move on! 

3. Check their product descriptions / read them thoroughly. 

Some stores write in the fine print "fashion jewelry" or "real lab made" crystals. While they may look beautiful, they won't have the healing benefits you are after. 

4. Look at their pricing. 

Let's be honest, real authentic, ethically sourced crystals are not cheap! If the prices seem too good to be true, they might be. Take a look on Alibaba to see what I mean. You could find a malachite necklace on there for $1.50 - there is no question at this price, it is a fake! 

5. Check out their contact page and customer service. 

If they make you jump through hoops to find their contact information - it's probably not someone I would do business with. You should be able to email them with questions, and receive a reply in a timely fashion. 

It is disheartening to buy crystals online and receive a subpar product. But, don't beat yourself up over it if you did get duped. It can happen to even the most skilled crystal collector. At the end of the day, you still have a beautiful stone that can bring you joy, if you allow it! 

We ensure every single crystal sold in our store is 100% authentic, natural and high-quality. We source our crystals ethically, and provide superior customer service to our customers.  If you are looking where to buy authentic crystals online, we have you covered! 

You can check us out on social media and learn more about what we do (TikTok @manifestandflow or Instagram @manifestandflowjournal) or send us an e-mail with any questions you have.  We are happy to help!

Head over to our shop if you're looking to buy real crystals online! Shop crystals here. 




i received my rose quartz kit from your shop and you added a free one – i just wanted to say thank you so much. I am so happy with my order and love everything i bought.


I love your shop. I received my rose quartz kit and you added a free one in there so I just wanted to say thank you!

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