What is the Best Manifestation Journal?


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Manifestation journals are an amazing tool that, if done right, will help you attract your dream life and start achieving your goals. However, the truth is, not all journals are created equal. And more specifically, every journal is not right for every person. 

But if you're going to make the investment, there are some things to consider before buying. 

A great manifestation journal should do the following:

  • Create a daily habit (journals with daily entries create habitual thought patterns) that is sustainable long-term. 
  • Doesn't require hours of journaling a day (to the above point - you likely will not stick with it)
  • Shift your mindset (by forcing you to focus on what you are grateful for NOW).
  • Unlock subconscious thought patterns with effective prompts. 
  • Help you become crystal clear on your goals and what exactly you are manifesting.
  • Help you move through fear and let go of limiting self-beliefs

We did a lot of research and spend years trying to find a good manifestation journal that would actually spark change. I personally have purchased well over 50 journals in my life! 

There were some that were beautiful to look at - but that's about it. There were others that like could have been effective, but were too time consuming and difficult to stick with long term. 

The Manifest + Flow Journal is a manifestation journal that uses the principles of the law of attraction to shift your mindset, retrain your brain, and unlock your subconscious so you can actually start manifesting.  There has been a lot of thought, a lot of trial and error and a whole lot of testing that went into the creation of this journal. 

And I think that's what sets it apart, quite honestly! 

It also combines scripting, gratitude journaling, and daily planning to help you take action, and magnetize your manifestations. 

Why we think it's the best manifestation journal out there:

  • It addresses your subconscious. Your subconscious is where the magic happens, but is also where you may experience blockages that are preventing your manifestation from coming true
  • It forces you to take action (inspired action is KEY to manifestation).
  • It's suitable for busy people. The first chapter is more time consuming and requires more of a time investment, but after that, the daily journaling can be done in the morning in 15 minutes or less. Removes excuses!
  • You'll become crystal clear on your goals through the daily journaling prompts. The concise layout means there is no room for vague manifestations! Concise = clear. 
  • Colorful, beautiful aesthetic (boring journals make me lose interest in a few days)
  • Paperback, and can fit in your laptop bag easily. 
  • Comes with free crystals (Hello, good vibrations!)
  • There is a focus on mental, physical health and self-care. Manifesting does not mean losing sight of your own well-being, and hustle culture can actually be damaging! 
  • There's an accountability tracker that is SO satisfying to check off. 

Whether you are manifesting abundance, romance, career goals or improved health, you can start by making a daily journaling habit.

Here are 5 tips to get the most of your manifestation journaling practice:

1. Meditate. Meditating before you start journaling will clear your mind, enhance your focus, and raise your vibrational frequency. As we know, it's important to match your vibrational frequency to that item, experience, situation that you are manifesting, and meditation can help.

2. Harness the energy of crystals. Another way to raise your vibrational frequency is through the energy of crystals. Holding crystals in your palm, or in your energetic space while meditating and journaling, will help remove negative energy, bring in and amplify positive energy, while also amplifying your manifestations. 

3. Fear dump. You may realizes while setting your manifestations there are 'fears' or limiting beliefs cropping up. This feels very much like resistance, or doubt.  If this happens, take a lined sheet of paper and write down every reason why you think you will not receive your manifestation, or why you think it's not possible. Take that piece of paper and rip it up throw it out. You are energetically releasing those beliefs. Take a new piece of paper, and write down every reason why you deserve this, and every reason why you believe it will come true. Fold this up and keep it in your journal. Do this whenever needed. 

4. Create a new vision board. Your manifestations and visions are fluid. Something you desired 6 months ago may no longer resonate today. Maybe it's no longer aligned with your goals, with the current version of you! That is perfectly okay! Don't force an old manifestation that doesn't feel energetically aligned. Change it up! Create a new vision board on your phone or inside your journal with pictures that excite you, that motivate you and feel right. 

5. Listen to music. Manifestation playlists are an amazing way to get your vibration up and get you in the zone! I create my own playlist with songs that have special meaning, excite me, and make me feel happy! You can create your own playlist on Spotify, or use a frequency playlist. Youtube has tons of frequency videos for manifesting. 

The Manifest + Flow manifestation journal has been life-transforming and, in our humble opinion, is the best manifestation journal money can buy! You can click here to shop crystals and get a copy of the manifestation journal. Be warned - they do go quickly so you may have to pre-order to secure your copy! 

Do you have questions about manifestation or the law of attraction? Send me a message on Instagram or comment below!  



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  • Love this blog, I have been using the Destiny Drive 26 Day Manifestation Journal and it ticks all of these boxes too www.destinydrive.com.au


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