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What Crystals are Good for Scorpios?

What Crystals are Good for Scorpios?


the best crystals for scopio

Scorpios are strong characters - they are passionate, fiery and loyal. Where you are one, or you know one, you might be wondering what crystals are good for scorpios. (P.s If you were born between October 23 and November 21, you are a scorpio).

Scorpio Personality Traits

Intense and private, it can be difficult to take your guard down and let yourself be seen for the amazing person that you are.  Scorpios have had a bad reputation over the years, but they have so many lovely traits that make this sign special (if I do say so myself).

Scorpio is often mistaken to be a fire sign, due to the feisty passion often seen in Scorpios. But, it's actually a sensitive water sign, and Scorpios can be deeply emotional. They are extremely ambitious and great at creating connections. When their energy is balanced, they make amazing partners, and are likely the most loyal friend you could ask for. 

Who are some famous scorpios?

Drake, Kendall Jenner, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone and Ciara are all scorpios. 

What crystals should Scorpios work with?

Working with certain crystals can help balance that scorpio energy and some crystals are better than others. By balancing the Scorpio energy, you can access the best version of yourself!

Here is a list of the BEST crystals for Scorpio Zodiac Signs. 

1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the Universal Stone of Love. It promotes love of all kinds - self-love, romance, unconditional love, compassion... the list goes on! It helps open your heart to new opportunities, friendships, allows the private Scorpio to let go of control. 

Rose Quartz is great for scorpios because it can reduce jealous thoughts, and bring a positive, sunny disposition.  It helps scorpios display compassion, while reducing the need for  control. 

2. Rhodochrosite 

Balancing and healing emotions in Scorpio is so important. Emotional wounds, trauma, and negative emotions can be hard to release...especially for Scorpios! Rhodochrosite is an amazing stone that supports healing, inspires compassion and forgiveness, and allows Scorpios to move on and focus on the positive.  This is a crystal often associated with 'new beginnings' and no one likes a fresh start as much as Scorpio! 

This beautiful crystal is great for Scorpios because it brings positive emotion, reduces stress and can calm and reduce negative emotions that may pop up! 

3. Obsidian

Obsidian is a grounding, protective stone that is amazing for Scorpios, and often one that's forgotten! Scorpios can use obsidian to remove negative energy and allow them to release old wounds and focus on what's important in the present moment. 

4. Amethyst

Scorpios are often very intuitive, and Amethyst helps strengthen their intuition and use it for their highest good.  Amethyst is a great crystal for Scorpios as it helps to deepen their understanding of life, and their purpose here. It promotes feelings of peace, calm and serenity. 

Amethyst can help balance the overactive Scorpio mind, and harness their spiritual awareness. 

5. Smoky Quartz

Smoke is known to cleanse energy, and smoky quartz can do the same! Scorpios have a great poker-face, and can sometimes bottle up emotions deep inside. But, when these emotions bubble over... it's never good! Smoky Quartz helps scorpios release their emotions, and let go of wounds and old emotional baggage. This creates beautiful balance in Scorpio energy, and allows them to see the world for what it is, without the lens of old narratives.

This beautiful crystal provides grounding energy that can bring good luck to scorpios, help them improve interpersonal relationships, and achieve BIG goals!

6. Red Jasper

Another beautiful crystal that's great for grounding Scorpio energy. It promotes inner strength and the stability needed to focus and achieve lofty dreams. Passionate by nature, Scorpio's can use Red Jasper to stay motivated, focused and energized.  Red Jasper helps Scorpios release stress and clear their mind. 

7. Sodalite

Scorpios are deep, and they need a crystal that helps them sooth the mind and balance emotions. Sodalite is a peaceful stone that support Scorpio’s by balancing BIG emotions and turning them into rational thoughts. Often quick to react, sodalite soothes the Scorpio energy to make solid, rational decisions that will serve them in the best possible way. 


If you are looking for authentic crystals to help balance Scorpio energy, head over to our shop, here.


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