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Moss Agate Meaning: Metaphysical Properties, Benefits and Uses

Moss Agate Meaning: Metaphysical Properties, Benefits and Uses

What is Moss Agate? 

Moss Agate is gorgeous, green semi-precious stone that is made from silicon dioxide. Many people believe there is actual moss inside the stone due to its appearance, but Moss Agate is made up of green coloured minerals throughout which only look like moss.  

Overview of Moss Agate and its Properties

Moss Agate has unique characteristics, and has become incredibly popular over the years! Every piece of moss agate is so incredibly unique, you’ll be awe-struck with it’s beauty. The mossy green colours capture the earthy energy within the stone, drawing you in like a magnet.

Origin of Moss Agate

Moss Agate can be sourced naturally from many countries around the world. It can be found in Brazil, India, Uruguay, South Africa, Australia and even Russia.  Most commonly, crystal shops source their Moss Agate from Brazil or India, but every shop is different.

moss agate healing properties and benefits

History of Moss Agate

In the 18th century, British farmers used Moss Agate to attract prosperity and good harvests. Many European farmers would place pieces of Moss Agate stone around the farm or on the branches of their trees as a good luck charm. Moss Agate’s prosperous energy has been used for centuries!

Previously, flower shops often used Moss Agate to have better blooms and vibrant flowers.  In the workplace, businesses have used Moss Agate to invite abundance, sales and properties into the space. It has a long history and is often used for the same purpose to this very day.

Moss Agate Healing Properties

Moss Agate is a heart healing stone that can bring you back into a state of balance. It helps ground you and connect you to earth’s calming energy.  The beautiful green, earthy energy can help remove toxicity and negative energy, allowing you to open your mind and spirit to new possibilities.

moss agate jewelry

Physical Healing Properties

Moss Agate has balancing energy, helping you live your best life feeling deeply connected to the earth. Some people will use moss agate to promote good immune health, and some say it helps reduce inflammation in the body. Whether you believe in the physical healing aspect of crystal healing or not, it’s a beautiful crystal to remind you and keep you focused on your wellness goals. Some crystal healers swear by the ability to promote good digestive health and brain function.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

We all face ups and downs in life, but if your moods are swinging from one end of the spectrum to another, moss agate might be a good stone for you!  This stone is all about balance; it helps stabilize mood swings and help you feel grounded, focused, and secure. When the world seems stressful, chaotic and like everything is being uprooted around you…try moss agate! This soothing stone can bring a sense of calm and emotional stability into your life.  

For people who have difficulty setting boundaries, or if you’ve been described as a “people pleaser” moss agate can help you bring this energy into a state of balance. Moss agate also promotes effective self-expression and communication.

It can also help reduce feelings of anger, aggression and frustration. Difficult emotions should be felt and experienced from time to time, but when working with moss agate you may find them much more manageable. Working with moss agate can help you release feelings of fear and stress, while promoting feelings of self-trust and hope.  

Metaphysical Properties

Moss Agate has numerous metaphysical properties that can help you expand your spiritual practice and tap into earthy energy.

This beautiful stone works to soothe your mind, body and spirit. It helps produce feelings of calm, peace and serenity.  Connected to the heart chakra,  Moss Agate can help remove energetic blockages and open your heart to love. This heart opening effect applies to both love and abundance, letting both flow more freely towards you. When you're out of balance, you may experience feelings of jealousy or control issues. It may also make it more difficult to empathize and get along with others. Working with crystals that can open your heart and bring more balance into your energetic realm is an amazing part of one’s spiritual journey.

The heart opening and balancing effect can help you maintain friendships and have closer connections in your existing relationships.  

As mentioned above, moss agate has been used as a good luck talisman for centuries. It’s often used to promote prosperity and financial abundance. Keep it in your purse, wallet, or around your creative workspace to bring abundant energy around you!

Moss agate is also known to bring about change and transformation. New beginnings are part of life, and that itch to start over comes and goes. Moss Agate is called a stone of new beginnings, and it can help inspire change and transformation when you are ready. 

Which Zodiac Signs Work Well With Moss Agate

  • Amazing for Virgos 
  • Helps balance Gemini energy

Moss Agate makes for a great companion for Virgos as it balances their energy and helps them see the bigger picture in life. Virgos are naturally very detail-oriented, and can easily get caught up on the fine details of life.  Working with Moss Agate can help Virgos be more open to spontaneity, saying “yes” to new adventures and getting out of their heads. It can help them see the big picture and let go of the little things. 

Virgos also tend to struggle with their own perception, and can become overly attached with how others view them. Moss agate can balance this energy and help them pursue life on their own terms, without being hyper-focused on the way they are perceived.

Geminis, people born between May 21 and June 20, can also greatly benefit from working with moss agate. It brings out the best of gemini energy. This sign is particularly flexible and they often go with the flow of life. Moss agate can help keep them grounded, centered and stable while still keeping their flexibility and go with the flow attitude. 

All Zodiac Signs can work with Moss Agate. It’s beautiful, abundant and balancing energy can be suitable for a wide range of individuals. As with any energetic tool, we will each resonate differently with crystals, so it’s important to find the right one for you!

Using Moss Agate

Moss agate is uncomplicated and anyone can use it. There are countless ways to use moss agate and benefit from its soothing energy. The beautiful appearance of Moss Agate allows this stone to become a beautiful piece of decor in your home or office. You can also wear it as jewelry, or bring it into a ritual or meditation. 

Here are some amazing ways to use Moss Agate:

1. Keep it in your home or office

Keeping moss agate in your home or office is an amazing way to  bring abundant, prosperous energy into your space. Moss Agate is also known for its soothing, balancing nature so it is particularly beneficial for homes where personalities may sometimes clash. Pro tip: place the crystal in the southeast or eastern areas of your home or business,  to bring in abundance and financial success. If you are using it for balance, emotional stability or harmony, place it in any room where conflict typically stirs. 

2. Wear it as jewelry. 

One of the easiest ways to work with moss agate is to wear it as jewelry. This is an effective way to tap into the balancing, abundant energy all day long!  Moss Agate can be worn as rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. By wearing a moss agate ring on your left hand, the energetic vibrations are directly onto the skin of your receiving hand - helping you welcome in abundance and prosperity. 

Check out our amazing moss agate jewelry here

3. Meditate or journal with it.

A great way to connect with moss agate is to incorporate it into your journaling or meditation practice. If you are meditating, state your intention out loud for the meditation. Hold the crystal in your left hand or place over your heart and slowly breathe and quiet the mind. Visualize the crystal energy sweeping over you, and imagine how you’d like to benefit from this energy.

If you have a manifestation journal (such as the Manifest + Flow journal), you can easily incorporate your crystals to power up the energy of your manifestation. Keep the moss agate crystal within your space, as you journal your manifestations. This will keep your space full of prosperous, balancing, and soothing energies as you journal.

How to Cleanse Moss Agate Crystal

It’s important to cleanse and charge your crystals to keep their energy bright, vibrant and clear.

Cleansing your crystals regularly will ensure any negative energies they have absorbed is released, and help you maximize their energetic benefits. Moss agate can be cleansed with water, smoke, or it can be placed under the moonlight. 

Conclusions about Moss Agate

Moss agate is a fantastic crystal to keep in your collection. Not only is it incredibly unique, beautiful and a gorgeous item to keep as decor in your home, its also full of beautiful energy. It’s a good luck crystal that can be used to manifest abundance and prosperity or bring more earthly balance into your life. 

What do you think of moss agate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Or, head to our shop to get your hands on one of our unique moss agate pieces. 


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