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Carnelian Meaning: Metaphysical Properties, Benefits and Uses

Carnelian Meaning: Metaphysical Properties, Benefits and Uses

Carnelian is a beautiful, passionate crystal that took TikTok by storm in the last year! But, many people want to know more about it...specifically, it's metaphysical properties, benefits and all it's uses! If that's're in the right place! 

In this article, we will cover:

  • What is Carnelian?   

  • Carnelian Properties

  • Which Zodiac Signs Benefit from Carnelian

  • Benefits of using Carnelian

  • How to cleanse Carnelian

What is Carnelian?

Carnelian is a member of the chalcedony family.  Basically, it is a silica mineral that takes its beautiful, fiery red color from iron oxide. Typically, carnelian will be varying shades of red, orange, or reddish brown. It’s known for its passionate, vibrant energy and its ability to boost creativity.

Carnelian will vary in colour, depending on its quality.  The most beautiful carnelian tumbles will be more vibrant in their colour, and high-quality carnelian jewelry is often a more vibrant shade of red.

Take a look at our wide selection of crystals here.

carnelian properties

The History of Carnelian

  • it was known as the sunset stone or artist's stone
  • it is an ancient stone that represents fertility
  • warriors would wear Carnelian during battle for courage and strength
  • it is known for building personal power and confidence

Historically, Carnelian was named the Sunset Stone.  The Ancient Egyptians named it after the beautiful shades of orange and red that looked like the sunset, of course! Carnelian is always ready to energize you, boost your creativity, and provide you with passion and courage. 

Egyptians believed that Carnelian was full of divine feminine energy. The more orange coloured shades of carnelian were used as stones of fertility. On the other hand, the vibrant red shades of Carnelian were linked to masculine, strong, energy. Red carnelian was said to stimulate love, passion and provide a sense of courage and strength. This is why it was often worn by warriors in battle! 

Carnelian was also worn by architects, who used the bright red stone as a status symbol. 

Did you know? The name Carnelian comes from the Latin word meaning ‘flesh’.

Origin of Carnelian

When you see the beautiful tumbles or carnelian jewelry in your local metaphysical shop, you might be wondering… where does carnelian come from?

Carnelian has been found in Brazil, India, Egypt, Uruguay, and the Amazon. 

carnelian benefits and metaphysical properties

Carnelian Healing Properties

The benefits of carnelian are countless. I mean, I could go on for ages about the uses of this gorgeous crystal. It's packed full of creativity, giving you the edge to take your ideas to the next level. It’s often called the artists stone, because of the beautiful creative energy it provides.

Carnelian is there to remind you to let go of that which no longer serves you. This may be old resentments, beliefs, habits, or people that are causing you harm. It helps you to store sunny warmth and light within the body. 

This crystal is incredibly powerful, so let’s dig a bit deeper to uncover how you can benefit from the energy of carnelian.

Physical Healing Properties

Most fire stones will share similar physical properties. Carnelian is said to infuse the body with energy, which can help one feel more resilient and full of strength.The fiery energy within this stone can help stimulate energy flow, thereby stimulating muscles within your physical body. When it comes to sexual energy, Carnelian may give you an added boost. Carnelian, historically, has been said to stir up fertility due to its divine feminine energy. But, if that’s not what you’re after, it can also be used to give your libido a boost, helping you step into your confident, passionate energy.  

Like all crystals, they are used with one's own energy, so every person will resonate with carnelian differently, and will have a unique experience.

Emotional Healing Properties

  • Boosts vitality, passion
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Motivation
  • Confidence

For those who lack a bit of fire, motivation, or passion - carnelian might be the crystal for you! Carnelian is one of the best crystals to help you tap into your most confident self, and step into your personal power. It gives you a healthy dose of passion and vitality. This crystal is the perfect boost when you are feeling unmotivated or disengaged. 

Dreary mornings? Try a carnelian meditation for an energy boost!

This bright burst of carnelian energy will bring you back to a healthy state of creativity. You can use carnelian to bring back the drive, energy and motivation when it starts to slip away! Use carnelian whenever you need a helping hand on a creative project - it’s perfect for a small business owner or artist!  Carnelian is not called The Artist’s Stone for nothing. Carnelian invites you to write, create, design, paint, dance and sing... whatever your heart is called towards. It helps you let your energy flow easily and naturally. 

Because carnelian encourages you to step out of your comfort zone with a renewed sense of confidence, you may notice new opportunities, new people, and new experiences entering your realm. Life is way too short to hold yourself back! If you have been holding on to bitter old resentments, limiting yourself or failing to speak your truth, try carnelian.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Carnelian is connected to the lower chakras
  • Promotes grounding 

Like many orange healing stones, Carnelian is connected to the three lower chakras. The Root Chakra is the foundation of all our chakras. This helps us feel grounded, and centred. The Sacral Chakra is where passion, intimacy, and the fire within rests. The Solar Plexus Chakra is where we hold our personal power. This is the centre of our self-esteem, confidence and inner knowing. All 3 of these chakras may benefit from using Carnelian, as it helps unblock energetic blockages in these areas. It may help you reconnect with your inner confident goddess, sense of passion and vitality, or help you feel more connected and grounded.

The concept of chakras originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC. It was written in the oldest text called the Vedas. Historians believe that it was The Upanishads who first mentioned chakras. This first mention appeared around 7-800BCE. Around 200 BCE - 200 CE) Upanishads referred to tantric concepts such as chakras and mantras. In the 10th century, the Gorak¬shash¬ata¬kam (Guru Gorakhnath) gave information on the powers of awakening and meditating on the chakras.

(The concept of chakras and the energetic channels within our bodies is a concept that has since been watered down in our Westernized understanding, so I highly recommend reading the original (translated) texts to fully understand and appreciate the deep, spiritual meaning of this concept).

Zodiac Associations of Carnelian

Have you ever wondered if carnelian is good for your zodiac sign? Well, the good news is that anyone can use and benefit from carnelian. Trust your intuition if you are drawn towards it. Every person will have a unique experience with this stone, and it can benefit every zodiac sign in some way.

That being said, there are some signs in particular that work exceptionally well with carnelian energy. 

  • Carnelian is the birthstone of Virgo
  • Particularly Beneficial for Leo + Taurus

Carnelian is the birthstone of Virgo. If your birthdate falls at the end of summer, into early Autumn, you may feel particularly drawn to Carnelian. Virgos are naturally more creative and passionate and Carnelian helps keep this energy focused, balanced, and present at all times.

Virgo’s may struggle with self-criticism - they are often very hard on themselves and lack the inner confidence needed to take the next step forward. Carnelian helps Virgos to stop second-guessing themselves, create more self-trust, and step forward and take a chance. 

Leo’s and Carnelian are also a great match! Leo’s tend to be naturally drawn to the fiery energy of Carnelian. Leo’s can sometimes struggle with their ego, so Carnelian can help them stay grounded, focused and true to themselves.

Carnelian is also a great crystal to balance Taurus energy.


How to Use Carnelian

Working with carnelian is quite simple, and there are no special tricks required. You can choose a method that resonates with you and your lifestyle and easily incorporate this beautiful crystal into your life.  Carnelian works great with so many different crystals, and can be paired beautifully. (Rose Quartz and Carnelian are a particularly great combination, give it a try when you want to draw some love, passion and romance into your life.)

Here are some ways to work with Carnelian:

1. Keep it in your home or workspace

Keeping carnelian in your home will infuse the space with a beautiful fiery energy to keep you feeling vibrant and motivated throughout the day. It can be keep in your home office or creative workspace. Alternatively, you can keep Carnelian by your bedside for some passionate energy, but know that because it’s very energizing you may find it impacts your sleep quality. 

2. Wear it

Wearing carnelian is a phenomenal way to incorporate its energy into your daily life. Crystal jewelry helps you tap into the energy of the stones all day long. A bracelet, ring or necklace made of carnelian is a great way to work with it’s energy. Beaded carnelian bracelet are affordable and easy to wear! 

3. Meditate 

Using a crystal during meditation is a great way to shift your energy and focus on the energy of the crystal with deep intentionality. Set your intention with the crystal, hold it in the palm of your hand, close your eyes and breathe deeply. A 5 or 10 minute meditation is an effective way to tap into the energy and connect with your crystal. 


How to Cleanse Carnelian

Carnelian is a versatile stone that can be cleansed through a variety of techniques. Cleansing is an effective way to invite new  energy into the crystal while letting go of any stagnant energy that lives within.

Cleansing crystals crystals regularly ensures that they are able to shake off any negative energy they may be holding onto. 

Carnelian can be cleansed in water. Simply run the crystal through water for a few seconds and visualize the stagnant energy washing away.  You can also try cleansing with smoke (incense) or under the moonlight.

Head over to our blog here on how to safely and effectively cleanse your crystals.

Ready to get your hands on Carnelian? We don't blame you! Head over to our shop here to pick out your own high-quality crystals. 



This was helpful. I have been drawn to it but didn’t know why. I understand now and I’m going to by some next time I am in your store!

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