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How to Cleanse Crystals

How to Cleanse Crystals

Cleansing your crystals is a great way to keep your crystals feeling their best! While not everyone believes in the need to cleanse crystals, we tell our customers that cleansing crystals are an amazing way to connect with their energy, and the best time to do it is whenever you feel called to. 

I suggest cleansing your crystals whenever you feel the energy is stagnant, or, you can have a more scheduled approach. For example, you might make it a ritual to cleanse their energy every month on the night of a full moon.

Before we begin, you might be wondering - Why is it important to cleanse my crystals? Regularly cleansing your crystals prevents the crystals from acquiring a build-up of energy to a point where they are foggy (i.e., physical properties have dulled out) or clogged (i.e., a change in energetic sensations) from prior energies that it may have interacted with. 

Many beginner crystal users ask the questions;

  • “How do I cleanse my crystals properly?” 
  • “What is the safest way to cleanse my crystals?” 
  • “How do I know if I am cleansing my crystals wrong?”

Learning About Your Crystals

When you start to learn about crystals, you soon see that many crystals have similar properties to one another, but it’s important to be aware of their differences. Crystals are all unique, so you’ll want to make sure you're choosing a safe cleansing method for all your crystals!

In this post, I will provide several ways to cleanse your crystals that are safe for all. For instance, you may have read somewhere that running them under a stream of water is a good way to cleanse crystals, but some crystals are not compatible with water (i.e., a Selenite/Satin spar). Constantly cleansing these crystals in water can make them brittle over time.  So, to make life easy, I recommend choosing one of the methods in this post that all crystals will enjoy! 

A good rule of thumb: if the crystal name ends in “ite”, avoid water cleansing. Here are some examples of crystals that should not be regularly cleansed in water:

  • Celestite
  • Selenite
  • Orange Calcite
  • Fluorite 

If you’re a beginner and still learning the crystal basics, make sure you read up on the properties of your crystals. This way, you’ll get the most out of their energy and keep them in amazing condition for a long time!  

There are many ways to cleanse crystals properly and safely. These are some of my favourite ways to cleanse my crystals:

  • Selenite/Satin Spar
  • Incense (smoke)
  • Sound (frequencies, singing bowl)
  • Brown rice

Each of these methods is perfectly safe for all crystals. They won’t damage them, and they are relatively low-cost. Personally, I like to cleanse my crystals daily with a satin spar and bi-weekly with incense as part of my everyday practice. Let’s expand more on these cleansing methods!

Back as a beginner user, my main method of cleansing would be through a Selenite wand. Stick with me… you may be wondering how a crystal can cleanse another?  Well, just like how a crystal can effectively help cleanse a person’s energy, it can actually do the same for other crystals! 

1. How to Cleanse with Selenite / Satin Spar:

  • Place the crystal(s) you feel are a bit dull/clogged on top of a Selenite wand/stick. 
  • Set an intention for the practice. You may want to say something like, “I am cleansing my crystals by releasing previous energies that may have attached to it. Stagnant energy within this crystal does not belong to me, I release it because it no longer serves me.” 
  • Allow the crystal to stay on top of the selenite overnight, or at least for a few hours
    2. How to Cleanse Crystals using Incense:

    Lately, I have been using incense to cleanse my crystals. It’s a beautiful practice and a great way to set your mood and intentions. 

    •  Pick an incense stick of your choice. Light your incense with the intent of allowing the smoke to cleanse your crystals. 
    • After your intention has been set, gently circulate/wave the stick around the surface area of each crystal, or vice versa, take the crystal and circulate it in the constant stream of smoke - keeping in mind the intention as you do. 
    3. How to Cleanse Crystals using Sound:

    Everything is made up of energy! Sound is an amazing way to cleanse energy. Just like a sound bath for us, crystals enjoy the beautiful vibrations that sound can bring. Cleansing crystals with sound can be completed with the aid of a tuning fork and/or a singing bowl.

    With vibrations produced by sound, the frequency travels into the structure of the crystal to begin the process of energy restoration! This frequency is responsible for releasing stagnant energy that may have prevented the crystal from working the way you wanted it to. 

    • Get a crystal singing bowl, and gently tap the bowl to let the sound vibrate. 
    • Head over to YouTube, and search “sound cleansing” or “sound bath” - find one that resonates with you and allow it to play for 15-20 minutes (or as long as you desire)

    If you have a large collection, this is a great way to cleanse all their energies at once.   That being said, the presence of your intent must be true! Believe that you, as the master user, can return the positive energetic state of your crystals because you are capable of doing so.

    4. How to Cleanse Crystals using Brown Rice

    Brown rice is believed to have balancing properties between the earth and the sun. 

    • Submerge your crystals into a bowl of brown size with the intent of cleansing!
    • By keeping your crystals on a bed of brown rice, you will begin the blending of the energy of your crystals with the spirit world and the earthly realm, we call our home! 
    • Allow it to sit in the bed of brown rice overnight, or 8+ hours. 

    The best way to cleanse your crystals is the way that resonates most with you!  I hope this has expanded your knowledge about crystal use so you know exactly how to cleanse your crystals safely.  Practicing with crystals stems from authentic belief and individuality. There is no “wrong way” of cleansing crystals as long as you keep educated on the significance of crystal elements (i.e., their strengths and weaknesses, what are compatible with crystals and what are not, etc.).

    Nurture your passion for crystals by having the willingness to educate yourself on a variety of ways to care for them! 

    If you have any more questions, don’t be afraid to send a message on Instagram @manifestandflowshop.

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