Best online yoga classes in 2020

Since March, many yogis around the world have turned their home space into their yoga studio and started practicing (exclusively) online. It was a tough adjustment for many at first. One of the most amazing things about yoga is the community you build at the studio, the connection of being in the space together, and the collective energy shared in the room. With online yoga, that is seemingly stripped away - leaving you, your mat and the technology in front of you. Finding the best online yoga classes in 2020 can be a challenging task, especially if time is of the essence!

We have slowly gotten used to the concept of online yoga classes, and learned to find the connection we previously found in class, virtually. However, it can be tough finding the right class for you. Whether you enjoy a more powerful class that physically challenges you, or a meditative practice that relaxes you into post-yoga bliss, there is a class out there for you - I promise!

Through lots of hours of online practice, I have compiled the best yoga classes online below. Some are free, and some require a subscription. But I promise you these classes will leave you feeling connected and inspired.

  1. Yoga Girl

Yoga Girl online has an amazing collection of yoga and meditation classes, as well as full moon ceremonies and beautiful practices for the soul. She is a huge part of the yoga community, and for good reason. Her classes are an experience, and you will walk away feeling just as good as if you were in the studio. It is a paid subscription, but there are free-trials available so you can give it a shot before you commit.

2. Glo

Glo offers a wide selection of classes from numerous talented teachers. You can select classes that fit your mood and style - a powerful flow or a slow restorative class. Whichever your preference, the library of classes is significant, so you will have no problem finding something you love. The membership costs $18/month but your first two-weeks are free.

3. Yoga with Adriene

A completely free channel, Yoga with Adriene is a channel you need in your yoga library! Adriene Mischler is known as the Queen of YouTube Yoga - for good reason! She has over 8.4M subscribers and her video quality is amazing! Her class is accessible and suitable for all levels as she places a distinct focus on doing what feels good for you - this means plenty of modifications!

4. Body Positive Yoga

All yoga should be body positive, because yoga is for every single body out there. There is nothing in the practice of yoga that requires one to fit their body to the typical stereotype of what a 'yoga body' is. A yoga body means you have a body and you do yoga...that is literally it! I love Amber Karnes Body Positive Yoga because she makes the effort to provide an inclusive space for all practitioners - we need more of this! Her online platform offers 7-days of free yoga so you can try out the on-demand-classes before you pay anything. You can also find some of her classes on YouTube.

5. The Underbelly

The Underbelly is run by the incredible Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisJessamyn). Jessamyn is a needed voice in the yoga community, and her platform provides a needed space where you can feel welcomed as you are in this exact moment. A diverse space, where you no longer need to play small - you'll walk away from these classes feeling inspired.

There are so many talented teachers that have turned their classes virtual in 2020. There is something out there for everyone and as we enter the second wave of Coronavirus, many of our in-person classes may once again go exclusively virtual. As a community we can continue to practice in a way that is safe and provides the physical and mental benefits that we'd find in studio.

What are your favourite online yoga classes online? Let us know in the comments below so we can go check them out!

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