TikTok Creator Series: Interview with Kyle Cardoza on Manifestation

TikTok is a great social media platform with so many amazing creators, especially when it comes to the wellness, manifestation, and spirituality realm. When I first signed up for TikTok months ago, I had no idea there was such an amazing community in this niche. I came for the funny videos, but stayed for the soul-aligning content, and I am so glad I did.   There is so much to learn, and so many amazing ways to consume content that can shift your mindset completely and allow you to manifest your dream life.  

If you are looking to change your life and learn to manifest – TikTok has you covered. There is no shortage of amazing creators to help you learn the ins and outs of manifestation, and one of my favorite creators is Kyle Cardoza (on TikTok as @KyleCardoza95).  His videos are straight forward, to the point, and can teach you so much about the law of attraction and manifestation.


I had the chance to chat with Kyle this week, and I am so excited to share our conversation with you!

Chelsea: You have blown up on TikTok for your videos about manifestation, mindset, and the law of attraction. Can you share what brought you here and how you got started?

Kyle: It is absolutely amazing that I have blown up on TikTok I sometimes can't necessarily believe I have even reached the point that I am currently at. It truly is a dream come true. I have always been fascinated by science since I was a little boy. Especially atoms, particles, galaxies, star systems, universes etc. Growing up my parents also fed me a lot of optimism and positivity as well, consistently letting me know that I could accomplish whatever I had set forth in my mind. So, throughout my years I always had a smile on my face and was always looking up at the stars…intrigued by the mysteries they held. When I was 18 years old, I joined a network marketing company. In this company, there were many 18-26 year olds making an absurd amount of income per month. 50K-100K-300K a month. When I asked how they got there, they always said “law of attraction”. This is where I first encountered the law of attraction. I took my science background and aligned it with the principles of the law of attraction and everything just clicked. When you look at the science of how the universe operates and tie in the law of attraction; they work in tandem it is amazing.

Chelsea: Manifestation and the Law of attraction are becoming more and more popular these days - what do you think is the most common misconception out there about manifestation?

 Kyle: I'm so thankful that it is becoming more mainstream because that means people are starting to understand the power that they have within themselves. Although this is great; we have to understand that there are some stipulations to our power. One of the biggest misconceptions that I see is the simple belief that the law of attraction and manifestation is simply just magic. This is not the case at all, it is science. People believe that they can simply just write down their thoughts, dreams and desires and if they focus on them enough, they will come into their life. I like to say that “the law of attraction will not work without the law of action. You must “act” in order to “attract” what you want in your life. Many people have gained large followings by saying all you have to do is “think” and “feel” and while this is an important part of the process; you need to follow that up with massive action and having a “burning desire” for your goals achievement.

Chelsea: What I love most about your videos and your messaging, is that you focus a lot on action. As in, you have to actually take steps towards what you are manifesting, this is so important! Can you expand on the concept of “inspired action” and the importance of taking action while manifesting?

Kyle: Nobody ever achieved anything of worth without taking actions towards their goals. Inspired action is one of the best forms of actions that we can take. When you are so infatuated with your goal and have a burning desire for its achievement; your action is not work. It is simply doing what you love. Many people think of action as "hard work” that's not the case. When you love what you do so much you do not focus on the outcome or end goal; you focus on the process. What you do everyday consistently. If you are inspired by your actions because it is what you love to do your goals will come much faster; simply because you are working on your passion. Without taking any action towards what you want you are not signaling to (the universe, god, allah, energy etc.) that you truly want what you have set forth in your mind. You need to take action to really bring it into fruition.

Chelsea: Can you share your thoughts on the concept of ‘limiting self-beliefs’ and how this comes into play when manifesting?

Kyle: First things first is we have to understand that if we have limiting beliefs it is for one reason and one reason only. It is simply because we cannot believe in our goal. Many people have a large grand goal that they want to accomplish but they can't get to a place of 100% belief within themselves. Now this is extremely common, and very easy to fix! What we want to do is we need to break our goal down.

We need to break it down to something that we can have 100% belief in.

 For instance, many people have a goal of being a millionaire, but they cannot internally believe this. Now maybe they can't believe they can be a millionaire but can you believe you can make $1/day? How about $3/day? See you have to start where you can 100% believe. When you start from where you can believe, and you achieve that goal. (for example, making $3/day) your belief level raises. You begin to think, ‘well if I can make $3/day I can definitely do $5… Oh wow! I can do $5/day, well I can definitely do $10/day... and so on.  As you achieve these small wins, your belief level raises and things that were unbelievable before will become believable.

 A good example for me was I wanted to be an entertainment reporter for E News. I couldn't believe it 100%, but could I believe I could be a reporter for the local small news station in my town? Yes! Sure enough, I became a reporter there, and then my belief level raised. If I could become a reporter here, could I work at CBS Boston? I worked at CBS Boston. Well, if I could work at CBS Boston, could I interview at a big event like Forbes Under 30? My belief level raised, and I reported at the Forbes Under 30 Summit. It all started with the small belief system and working my way up.

Chelsea: What is your #1 tip for someone looking to get started on their manifestation journey, and start implementing the Law of Attraction principles into their life?

 Kyle: My number one tip is this: what matters the most in this whole process is the consistent thought patterns that you hold in your mind.

You have to realize that what you consistently focus on is what you become. Your consistent thought patterns dictate your emotions, moods, actions, and habits. if you can ensure that these consistent thoughts are coming from a place of gratefulness, thankfulness and positivity towards what you want to become you've won.

Chelsea: If you had to recommend a book or podcast about the Law of Attraction – what would you suggest?

Kyle: In terms of books, I would suggest the Power of Positive Thinking. Now this book is not necessarily about the law of attraction, but it helps set up some of the fundamental thought processes that you want to have in order to really understand some of the core principles of the law of attraction. A more advanced law of attraction book I could recommend is “The Master Key System” by Charles F Haaneel. I only prescribe to only one audio series in terms of the law of attraction and it is entitled “Your Wish is Your Command” it can be found on Spotify as well as YouTube. This audio series does a great job on describing the law of attraction scientifically, and why action is vitally important!

Chelsea: Where is the best place for people to connect with you if they want to learn more and follow along in your journey?

Kyle: The best way for people to message me is on Instagram! I always respond to my DM’s there. On Instagram it’s @kyle_cardoza95, TikTok is @KyleCardoza95.

You can also check out my YouTube: OnlineNewsNetwork or find my on LinkedIn: Kyle Cardoza.

I also have a discord channel, where I personally mentor people on the law of attraction and how to perfect it. You can find the link for that discord right here.





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