Manifesting 101: What is inspired action?


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You have heard it before - if you are manifesting something, you have to take inspired action! 

But, what is that exactly?

Inspired action is taking action because you feel the urge, inclination, or desire to do something. It's based on the basic belief that we have intuitive guidance that is leading us in the right direction. Inspired action might come to you as a gut feeling, creative idea, or simple urge to try something. 

Let's look at an example. 

If you are trying to manifest more money in your life, inspired action might come to you as a creative idea to start a blog. At first, you might think - this cannot be my manifestation coming true because a blog is costing me money, not making money! But, when you trust The Universe, you know your actions are divinely guided. So while you might not see the whole entire road, you can see the next turn. Slowly, it will start to unfold. You'll see more money coming in. More freedom with your job, and you will eventually see your manifestations come true. 

Inspired action is such an important component to manifesting, because with any goal or desire, you must also do your part. 

How do you lean into your intuition?

Leaning into your intuition is important, as these gut feelings can guide you! I always recommend meditation, as the first step. Quiet the mind, and you will begin to hear your own inner voice loud and clear! 15-20 minutes a day can change your mindset completely, and give you the space to hear your own intuition. 

The second part is learning to listen to it. When you listen to your intuition, you strengthen it! How many times have you thought 'I should have listened to my gut on that!' Probably... a lot! Next time you get a gut feeling - trust it, listen to it, and see what happens. I think you will be pleasantly surprised where this takes you. 

Inspired action is often the missing component when people first start using the law of attraction.  It will hold you back, and can even make it impossible to bring your manifestation to life. 

Have you heard the tale of the man who used to ask The Universe everyday  to win the lottery? He would say please, please, please let me win a million dollars tonight! The Universe responded... 

Please, please, please buy a ticket! 

THAT is inspired action. If you don't buy the ticket, how can you win the lottery?

If you don't start that business, how can you be an entrepreneur?

If you don't make that leap of faith, how can you achieve your dreams?

This week, write down 3 things you would like to manifest. 

Now, write down an action item for each manifestation - what feels intuitive to help you reach these goals? What steps can you take today, to manifest this tomorrow?

If you want to know the best way to manifest your dreams, know this: there is no secret potion or technique. But, there are things to help you along the way. 

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