Positive Energy Kit
authentic high quality crystals
Positive Energy Kit
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Positive Energy Kit

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This beautiful duo are powerful energy healers.  This combo allows you to remove negative energy and attract, harness, and revel in the beautiful positive energy already within you.

If you're manifesting something, increasing your energetic vibrations to a higher level that matches your manifestation will make you simply magnetic.

  • Orange calcite tumbled: 1” in size
  • Black obsidian:  1.5-2"

Orange Calcite is known to:

  • Increase motivation and creativity
  • Removes negative energy, increases the flow of positive energy
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Increases your intuition

Black Obsidian is known to:

  • Protect you from negative energy
  • Promote communication with spirit guides
  • Remove excess energy no longer serving you 

Kit Includes:

  •  1 Orange Calcite raw crystal and 1 Black Obsidian raw crystal.

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