Gorgeous + Grounded Kit
Gorgeous + Grounded Kit
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Gorgeous + Grounded Kit

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Positive, serene, grounded, with peaceful energy that exudes everywhere you go. Sounds good right? This crystal kit combines 4 powerful crystals to help you balance energy and help you achieve your highest potential  

Each Kit Contains:

  • 1 tumbled snowflake obsidian
  • 1 tumbled mookaite 
  • 1 tumbled rhodonite
  • 1 selenite satin spar stick (3”)

Rhodonite is good for:

  • balancing emotions, clearing old emotional wounds 
  • stimulates, clears, activating the heart
  • providing grounding energy
  • helping you achieve your highest potential
  • encourages compassion, selflessness and forgiveness
  • builds confidence, and provides calm energy

Snowflake Obsidian is good for:

  • releasing all negative energy within you
  • helping you move past negative thought patterns, habits and behaviours
  • balancing energy
  • bringing harmony and positive flow into your life
  • providing a renewed sense of clarity, removing any doubts about your life path
  • providing calming, soothing energy and connection to divine guidance

Mookaite is good for:

  • receiving nurturing, supportive energy during times of stress and transition.
  • receiving peaceful energy, feelings of calm and content
  • supports good decision making 
  • helps you accept change 
  • promotes emotional and spiritual growth
  • protection and grounding - blocks negative energy, shields against dangerous situations
  • provides energy and enthusiasm - creativity and passion

Selenite is known to:

  • Provide clarity, insight, and self-awareness
  • Provide insight into higher spiritual realms (past life regression) 
  • Instil feelings of peace, and promote good decision making

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