Citrine Point

Citrine Point

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Ready to become a money magnet?

Citrine has amazing energetic properties and can help with manifesting career changes, abundance, and financial stability.  It's full of sunny, positive energy that can lift your mood!

These beauties are heat-treated, and you can choose your size!

small: approximately 2” tall.

medium: approximately 3-3.5" tall.  

Citrine is good for:

  • promoting positive energy, prosperity + abundance
  • encouraging generosity
  • increasing creativity + protection
  • promoting spiritual alignment, increasing self-confidence, emotional stability
  • attracting wealth + prosperity

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Canada: 6-10 business days (standard)

International: 8-14 business days (AUS + NZ standard shipping range may range from 14-21 days, but.. it's worth the wait!)

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