Aries Zodiac Manifestation Box
Aries Zodiac Manifestation Box
Aries Zodiac Manifestation Box
Aries Zodiac Manifestation Box

Aries Zodiac Manifestation Box

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Never underestimate an Aries! As a Fire sign, you love to win and anger can spark quickly.   It's not your fault - you just like things a certain way and aren't afraid to do what it takes to get them.  You are direct, competitive and often outspoken.  These traits can help you get everything you want in life - when used correctly!  Otherwise, you can viewed as bossy, overbearing or aggressive. 

By balancing your Aries energy and traits - the world is at your finger tips! Your natural ambition and fearlessness will push your further. The crystals in this Aries Zodiac Manifestation Box will increase patience, understanding and balance.  They will help you stay focused and increase energy when feeling depleted.  Additionally, they will increase intuition and let go of negative influences, strengthening your manifesting power. 

  • a satin lined Manifest + Flow box to keep your crystals in (8" x 5.5" x 3")
  • Aries Zodiac Card outlining how each crystal will assist you
  • red jasper bracelet 
  • rose quartz pointed tower (3 inches)
  • green aventurine raw chunk (~2 inches)
  • rose quartz raw chunk (2-3 inches)
  • bloodstone tumble (~1 inch)
  • clear quartz tumble (~1 inch)
  • red jasper tumble (1.5-2 inches)
  • carnelian tumble (~1 inch)

USA: 4-8 business days (standard)*

Canada: 6-10 business days (standard)*

International: 8-14 business days (AUS + NZ standard shipping range may range from 14-21 days, but.. it's worth the wait!)*

* Processing time is approximately 1-2 business days, and shipping times may vary by region due to COVID-19. Visit our shipping page for more information. 

** Crystals will vary in size, colour, and texture as they are authentic, natural crystals.