crystal manifestation kit selenite, red jasper, yellow jasper crystals
red jasper, yellow jasper, selenite crystals
authentic crystal manifestation kit
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, red jasper, yellow jasper, selenite crystals
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Confident Goddess Manifestation Kit

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This manifestation kit will help you draw in self-love, confidence, passion, and emotional balance. Goddess energy rising! 

Red Jasper is used to increase focus, confidence, and provide emotional balance.  It will remove worries and anxiety while protecting from negative energy.   This powerful crystal will also increase sexual vibrancy and improve dream recall. 

Yellow Jasper also offers spiritual protection; protecting you from jealousy and negative energy.  It will increase confidence, clear your mind and help you focus. Yellow Jasper is a powerful attractor, attracting friends and people in your life who will help you on your journey. 

Selenite is there to provide calmness and peace of mind.  It will help you access guidance and spiritual connections as well. 

  • 1 tumbled red jasper crystal (roughly 1"-2" in size)
  • 1 tumbled yellow jasper crystal (roughly 1"- 2" in size) 
  • 1 selenite satin spar stick (2-3" in size)

Red Jasper is good for:

  • increasing focus +emotional balance
  • removing worries + anxious 
  • protecting against negative energy 
  • increasing self-confidence + self-trust
  • improving dream recall
  • increasing sexual vibrancy (energizing yet nurturing)

Yellow Jasper is good for:

  • spiritual protection
  • protecting against jealousy + negative energy 
  • keeping your mind clear and focused 
  • boosting self-confidence + courage (bye-bye limiting beliefs)
  • reducing self-consciousness, insecurity + anxiety
  • attracting friends/people into your life that are beneficial on your journey

Selenite is good for:

  • providing feelings of peace, serenity + calmness 
  • providing clarity of the mind
  • promoting access to higher guidance/spiritual connections 

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