crystals for good luck - aventurine, amethyst and tiger's eye
Tiger's eye, amethyst and green aventurine heart shaped crystals
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Tiger's eye, amethyst and green aventurine heart shaped crystals

Good Vibes x Good Fortune Kit

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These 3 delicate tumbled crystal hearts (green aventurine, tigers eye, amethyst) are known to bring peace, love, and serenity while attracting abundance and good luck. These babies are small yet incredibly powerful! 

Green aventurine is the stone of opportunity.  It manifests wealth, money, and abundance.  Green aventurine is a great crystal for luck, as it possess winning energy - the perfect crystal for an exam, a first date or job interview. 

Tigers eye will remove fear and barriers, encouraging you to make BIG money moves and go after your dreams.  Historically, its been used to provide protection, strength and good fortune. 

Amethyst is full of good vibes. It releaves stress, anxiety, fear and anger.  It has balancing energy while calming the mind and body.  Amethyst also provides you with protection to keep the good fortune coming and the bad vibes out. 

Keep these stones in your pocket for a vibrational boost, or place them under your pillowcase for good energy while you catch some ZZZ's.

  • 1 green aventurine Heart (20mm”)
  • 1 tigers eye heart (20mm”)
  • 1 amethyst heart (20mm”)

Green aventurine is good for: 

  • manifesting wealth + abundance
  • providing good luck 
  • promoting confidence + reducing fear
  • encouraging solid decision-making 
  • increasing opportunities

Tigers eye is good for: 

  • providing good luck
  • protecting you from negativity or harm
  • releasing fear + anxiety
  • enhancing confidence, making decisions + taking action
  • balancing energy + moods

Amethyst is good for: 

  • increasing confidence + providing courage
  • tapping into intuition
  • balancing emotions
  • reducing negative energetic influences
  • improving decision making

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