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Moldavite - What is it good for?

Moldavite - What is it good for?


moldavite - what is it good for

Moldavite is blowing up right now - you see it all over TikTok and Instagram almost every day now, with different people sharing their experiences. I was never really drawn to it before, so I had never invested in a piece. And yes, it's an investment because it's pricier than most crystals.  

I purchased my first piece of moldavite nearly a year ago. It was a tiny loose crystal that I paid roughly $35 for (smaller than a dime). I purchased another piece about 2 months ago, and I will share my experience with it so far. 

First, let's look at what is moldavite exactly? what does it do?

This beautiful stone is  super rare. In fact, it is only found naturally in Czechoslovakia. It's found in an area  near the and is named for the area near the Moldau River, which is where the name Moldavite comes from! 

There are different theories on Moldavite's origin, but most theories suggest that  its formation coincides with the crash of a large meteorite approximately 14 million years ago. The rock metamorphosed by the heat of this massive crash, and created moldavite. 

Moldavite is considered a Tektite, which are formed during interplanetary collisions. The Tektites are glassy mixtures of silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide and other metal oxides with an amorphous crystal structure.

Moldavite has a very unique look - it's a deep forest green colour that has this beautiful texture that is hard to describe. There are certainly a fair share of fakes around so be cautious when purchasing and do your research!

What is Moldavite good for?

Moladavite is a transformative + protective healing stone. It can uproot your entire life and transform every aspect of it. This type of transformative experience can feel incredibly challenging at the time, but it's in the best interest for your journey here on earth. 

Moldavite can help you:

  • Discover your true, most authentic self. It strips away the "masks" we put on, revealing your true self at the core. 
  • Rediscover your purpose in life. If you are asking "why am I here?" this is a good crystal to work with - it will reveal your highest truth!
  • Encourage you to make positive lifestyle changes (you may find drinking, smoking, and other vices no longer appeal)
  • Find protection spiritually 
  • Heal (physically and mentally)

My Experience With Moldavite

I first purchased moladavite a year ago. It was a small piece, but I immediately felt the vibrations - they were so powerful! It shocked me actually. I was  fully prepared for bad things to happen because I had seen so many TikToks at the time - and people often say it was challenging to work with because their lives are basically uprooted. 

That was not my experience. A lot of good things started to happen for me. Career wise - while there were definitely challenges, nothing terrible happened. I was pursuing new goals, working on my business and had quite a lot of success at that time. 

Relationship wise - this is where I saw the 'healing' and transformation. The person I was dating at the time and I began to argue a lot. Mostly, it felt like this: I knew in my heart where I was going and what was important and the friction was caused when I felt he was not going the same way, seeing or hearing my point of view.  I felt misunderstood, and we broke up.

I lost the Moldavite shortly thereafter. I had it on my bedside table and it disappeared. I knew that meant I no longer needed it. so I didn't purchase it again for a while. 

Two months ago, I was drawn to moldavite again. 


I bought a necklace this time - a larger piece (off Etsy). I wore the necklace for a week - taking it off only to shower/workout. I had constant headaches, every single day. It took me a while to see the correlation, but finally I realized it was the moldavite, and I stopped wearing it for a short period. 

Since then, I still get headaches when I wear it so I will wear it for shorter periods and take breaks.  I have not had anything bad happen but I will say this:

It makes it super obvious to me what my purpose is. I know now when I am doing something that is aligned with my purpose, and when I am not. That being said, it makes it EXTREMELY challenging to do things that feel misaligned. Or to be around people that are not "good for you". Superficial friendships and relationships are now intolerable. 

It has helped me see the "bigger picture" of life, relationships, etc. I can see peoples actions for what they really are - I don't internalize things as much anymore. I am super driven when it comes to my business because I feel in my heart that it's aligned with my purpose and what I am supposed to be doing. 

I also feel the energy when I wear the moldavite necklace that feels similar to anxiety. I know it is not anxiety, it's just vibrant, powerful energy but it's butterflies-in-your-stomach energy sometimes for me. 

It's a cool experience overall, and I will continue to work with it for the near future.

Is moladavite worth it?

It depends. If you are truly called to it, go for it. But I think it's important to know that everyone's experience will be different. There are also lots of other crystals that can achieve something similar, in a more gentle way.  Be very cautious when purchasing as there are so many fakes out there. 


They say not to use moldavite unless you are ready - I agree with that. Just wait until you feel ready, drawn and excited to purchase it. 

Have you used moldavite before? What was your experience?



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