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How to Use Grabovoi Numbers

How to Use Grabovoi Numbers


how to use grabovoi codes


The Low Down on Grabovoi Codes

By now, if you are on TikTok, you have probably heard of Grabovoi numbers. They are the 'cheat codes of the Universe' and can be used to manifest money, love, health, healing... almost anything! There are hundreds of codes out there.

Once you get started on these, it's a bit of a rabbit hole. I spent way more time than I'd like to admit researching these, but... it means I can pass on this info to YOU so it was all worth it! I heard about it a couple weeks ago, and thought I had to try it out before I made a video or blog post on it. 

First things first - YES! Grabovoi numbers WORK!

So, let's learn more about them. 

What are Grabovoi Numbers?

You are probably wondering, what are Grabovoi numbers and what do they do? Grabovoi numbers have been around for years and years - but they are gaining traction and popularity now due to TikTok.  

Grabovoi codes use Radionic signatures to manifest and 'fix' various life ailments. 

They were developed by the (controversial) Russian psychic Grigori Grabovoi using his Radionic machine.

The theory is based on the fact that all people and life forms share common ground; through electromagnetic field of the earth we are all connected in some way. The numbers are cheat codes of the Universe, that work within our system to manifest and heal. 

The belief is that, because all life forms carry its own electromagnetic field, when it's sufficiently distorted it results in disease, sickness, and other ailments. Because everything is energy, radionics says organs, ailments and their remedies have their own frequency and vibration.

How to use Grabovoi Numbers

Here are two 15-second videos how I manifest using Grabovoi Numbers and my Manifestation Journal then I'll get into more details

Now that you have a basic high-level overview of what they are, let's get into how you can use them.

1. Journal them. Write down your manifestations in your manifestation journal and include the code somewhere on the same page. If you are using the Manifest + Flow journal, write it at the top of the page, and also directly beside your affirmation every morning. 

2. Memorize them (repeat them in your mind when you first wake up and before bed and whenever you can throughout the day).

3. Repeat an affirmation with the code "I am attracting unexpected money, activating code 520 741 8). 

4. Write the code down, tear it off the paper and place under your pillow.

5. Write the code down, hold it in your hands, hands over heart. Close your eyes and visualize your manifestations. Repeat thank you, thank you, thank you

6. Write the following script "I am attracting ____ into my life, and activating the code _____ with harm to none, for the greater good of all. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

7. Use it with crystals. For example, I have been manifesting with crystals for love + abundance (you can find the kit here). I write the code on a little piece of paper, then place the crystals on top in the palm of my hand. I close my eyes and visualize the code. 

Here's an idea on how to use Grabovoi Codes (Cheat Codes of The Universe) and crystals to manifest:

Disclaimer: Grabovoi numbers can only be used and effective with good intentions. 

You can use more than one Grabovoi number per day. For example, you can use one code to attract romance, and also 520 741 8 to attract unexpected money. 

When I started using these codes with the Manifest + Flow Journal as a part of my morning routine, my manifestations started coming to fruition really quickly. It was intense!! The combination of using my subconscious mind (what the journal is intended to do) plus the cheat codes, seem to be an amazing combination for manifesting. 

Useful Grabovoi Numbers to Screenshot:

    • Grabovoi Code for Unexpected Money: 520 741 8
    • Grabovoi Code for Self-healing of the body - 9187948181
    • Grabovoi Code for Love - 888 412 1289018
    • Grabovoi Code for Peace - 1001105010
    • Grabovoi Code for Self Esteem - 4818951749814
    • Grabovoi Code for Entrepreneurship - 71974131981
    • Grabovoi Code for Understanding - 39119488061
    • Grabovoi Code of Beauty - 83585179
    • Grabovoi Code for Weight Loss - 5342168
    • Grabovoi Code for Fame - 8277247
    • Grabovoi Code for Romantic Love - 3856794
    • Grabovoi Code for Steady and Generous Income - 9213140

Grabovoi Number Subliminal Videos on YouTube:

1. Grabovoi Number Subliminal for Wealth and Abundance on YouTube

2. Grabovoi Number Subliminal for Romance on Youtube


  • Journal your manifestations - detail specifically what you want. Write down the code. Memorize it and say out loud or in your mind "I am activating the code to bring my manifestation of..... to me"

You can get a copy of the Manifestation Journal here, but they do sell out quick so you may have to pre-order! 

We are on TikTok and Instagram and share more content there - check us out:

TikTok: @manifestandflow

Instagram: @manifestandflowjournal



Albert tshepo Mthembu

If I don’t have cristals what can I use or can I do the manifest alone

Nathaniel Paul

Thank you


How long does it’s take to manifest money

Khedar Ramhota

Thank u


how do we give our friend’s/love ones money? what’s the code to that?

Eloy jimenez

Thank u for the information means alot

Kirtis Bevis

I am activating my codes 199621-147


Am I aloud to tell someone wish code I’m using, when I’m using it and why I’m using it, would it still work or is it like an 11:11 wish?

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