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How to Shop for Crystals: Choosing the right ones for you

How to Shop for Crystals: Choosing the right ones for you

If I asked 10 different crystal-lovers, “how do you pick your crystals?” I guarantee they would all have different responses. The truth is, there is no right or wrong way to pick your crystals.  Working with crystals is based on authentic individuality. We all have our own spiritual practices, and that’s what makes the crystal community so special. There are many ways to shop for crystals, and you may need to find a few different methods to figure out which way works best for you!

Do you ever wonder why you feel the urge to visit a crystal shop spontaneously? 

Let’s take it back for a minute - we all know that everything is made up of energy, correct? That includes crystals! Each crystal is made up of different mineral and elemental compounds that consist of energy just like us. Because we have our own unique energy, we will all align differently with the energy of crystals. You may resonate with the energy of one crystal, while I may not. 

There are 3 main ways to shop for crystals - both online, and in-store. 

When picking crystals, you may have something in your life that you want to improve. For instance, if you are looking to invite more love into your life, you may be attracted to crystals that are of the same colour. This is likely because you are attracted to the energy of that colour - for love, this is often pink/red. 

There are a variety of crystals that aid in bringing love into one’s life such as;

  • Rose Quartz
  • Rhodonite
  • Rhodochrosite

A general rule of thumb: When picking crystals, I encourage the practice of choosing them yourself! You may have the intention of adding a Rose Quartz into your collection because you’ve been thinking of getting one for yourself, but when you enter a crystal shop, you may be more drawn to the benefits of Rhodonite. It’s up to you to follow your intuition in order to decide which crystal you are bringing home!

Let’s dive in deeper! Here are the 3 most common ways to shop for crystals.

1. Trust your Intuition

Like I mentioned above, when an individual typically enters a crystal shop, they don’t realize that the crystals they decide to purchase were chosen because they were ‘drawn’ to it or in some cases, the crystals could be ‘calling’ them. 

If you believe that each crystal that calls you will be beneficial to you, you are exercising the practice of strengthening your intuition. This allows you to increase the connection that you have with yourself by trusting that gut feeling we all experience when choosing the best crystals that we are individually drawn to! When choosing a crystal, another aspect of trusting your intuition is trusting your sense of sight and touch! 

  • Certain parts of the shop will draw you in to get closer to crystals that your energetic field is drawn to! For instance, when you're faced with multiple bowls of crystals within a shop, you may find it overwhelming to choose where to begin. Or if you’re shopping online, you may feel like there are so many options, you don’t know which one to ‘add to cart’
  • Pay attention to where your eyes fixate! Every time your line of sight fixates on a specific crystal, don’t be afraid to pick them up or take a closer look! 
  • Feel its energy! Do you sense that its energy complements yours? Is it calling you to work with that specific crystal? Even if you are shopping online, your gut feeling can guide you.

2. Read the Property Cards

If individuals don’t have the opportunity to visit our shop or may feel overwhelmed when choosing a crystal, the best approach would be to read the property cards. In our crystal shop, each crystal is accompanied by a property card that depicts the energetic properties of each crystal and how it can benefit someone. We also include the properties in every product description on our website.

  • Allow yourself to explore the entire shop to see which sets of crystals you feel drawn to! 
  • To distinguish which crystals you feel are calling you the most, think back to what you are wanting to bring to light with the help of crystals.
  • Read the property cards and see if their benefits and properties align with you and best suit your intention for growth! 
  • Familiarize yourself with this method to increase one’s understanding of each crystal - strengthening your knowledge will increase your confidence next time you’re searching for crystals that may be beneficial to you.

3. Mystery Crystals

Another method for picking the best crystal for you is to let the Universe decide what is meant for you! At Manifest + Flow, we accomplish this by promoting mystery crystals in the form of our Mystery Crystal ATM Machine. The idea of this exciting experience is to encourage our customers to follow their intuition. 

To begin, our Mystery Crystal ATM Machine is a major attraction point for our shop! Our crystal ATM has a variety of mystery crystal combinations that individuals can choose from. You can shop our crystal ATM both online and in person. 

  • If you are looking for small mysteries, the vending machine has separate rows for individual mystery tumbled and raw crystals 
  • For those who crave a sweet surprise, this mystery consists of a combination of raw and tumbled crystals that are exactly meant for you
  • For individuals who like to go big or go home, we have our mystery boxes that consist of a combination of crystals with a special piece

To participate, you must;

  • Choose a specific number that you feel drawn to or a number that may hold significance to you that’s in the machine
  • Input the number into the machine, tap your method of payment, and watch your crystals fall
  • If you are buying online, you will select the number you wish to purchase. We will get the items from the ATM and ship them straight to your doorstep. 

You won’t know what you receive, but the belief is that you will receive what is meant to help you in your present moment. The crystals you get are the ones that will encourage you to step into your power!

If you have any questions regarding this week’s blog article or questions pertaining to crystals at all, please don’t hesitate on sending us a message on Instagram @Manifestandflowshop

If you are ready to expand your collections with crystals you feel drawn or called to, visit our crystal shop online for authentic, affordable crystals!


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