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How to Manifest with Crystals

How to Manifest with Crystals

Everyone has desires. We all have goals, dreams, and ambitions. We often daydream, and think about these goals and imagine how nice it would be to finally have these desires. But how do we make these desires our reality?

You have probably heard of the concept of the ‘Law of Attraction.’ The law of attraction is based on the belief that our thoughts have the power to alter our realities. The law of attraction basically says… what you think about, you bring about!  The law of attraction is all about vibration, frequency and energy. Just like crystals! Crystals are a powerful tool that can help you manifest your desires.  But, you might be wondering - how do you manifest with crystals?

In this blog post, I’ll explain exactly how you can use your crystals to help you manifest. 


What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the belief that you can attract people, things, or experiences into your life using the power of your thoughts and energy. Manifestation has gained popularity over the years after the movie “The Secret,” came out in 2006, and it has become an increasingly popular topic on TikTok. However, the concept of manifestation at its core, originated in the teachings of Hinduism. So, if you truly want to learn about Manifestation and the history of the Law of Attraction, I would encourage you to start exploring the original teachings at their source.

For the purpose of this blog post on how to manifest with crystals, here is an overview of what manifestation is all about. 

Manifestation is all about creating our desired realities using our mind and energy. 

If your state of mind is vibrating at the frequency of love, you will bring in more things that vibrate at that same frequency. If you want love, be love!  Have you ever heard of the saying, “What you put out into the world will come back to you,” or “What goes around, comes around.” Essentially, the energy you put out there, is the energy you receive. 

A rule of thumb: Taking inspired action with a positive intent will allow you to attract things, people or experiences with that same vibration. Likewise, action out of fear comes from a frequency of fear and insecurity, which can ultimately attract more fear and more insecurity. If you decide to live a life of truth, love and positivity, you will receive that in return. Be mindful of limiting beliefs. 


How to manifest with crystals

Crystals all vibrate at their own unique frequency. Each crystal will have a different frequency, and you can work with different crystals to help raise your frequency to that of the crystal. 

Every crystal has its own unique energy and properties. Depending on what you are manifesting, there’s typically a crystal for it.

The first step to manifesting with crystals is to pick a crystal that is aligned with the energy you are seeking. 

For instance, if you are manifesting love that is healthy and filled with reciprocity in both communication and affection, you may want to try collaborating with a few crystals that you resonate with that hold the same energy you are seeking. 

Crystals to Manifest Love

For this specific manifestation, you could manifest with a variety of crystals. Below are 3 beautiful crystals that can support you on your manifestation journey: 

Rose Quartz can increase self-love, self-esteem, and self-awareness. Loving yourself is the first step to attracting love from another. Rose Quartz is known as the Universal Stone of Love. It radiates love, harmony, and balance and can help you tap into that energy. 

Tiger’s Eye is a wonderful stone used for grounding, balance, and courage. This stone can help ground you in your present moment, helping you feel centered and balanced. A stone of good luck, protection, and grounding, tiger’s eye can help you manifest almost anything, including love! 

Sodalite can be helpful in overcoming communication barriers. This stone is a powerful crystal to open the channels of communication. It can strengthen one’s rational thought processes, objectivity, intuition and more. This crystal is responsible for incorporating the energies of order and calmness to be able to communicate in a mature and appropriate way - a key to a balanced, loving relationship. 

Crystals for Manifestation:

  • Clear Quartz
    • This stone is considered the Master Healer, and can be used for any intention. It magnifies energy, which can help amplify your intentions. If you have more than 1 crystal in your collection, clear quartz can amplify their energy and used to support manifestation. 
  • Rose Quartz 
    • This crystal is the stone of love. This stone can be used to manifest a great deal of love into one’s life. This could be self-love, love for a special person, or love for the world as a whole. You choose what you want to take from this crystal.  The higher frequency of love you vibrate in, the stronger the connection you manifest into your life. 
  • Citrine
    • This crystal is a beautiful stone to work with when intentions are to attract wealth and abundance. The colour alone will strengthen feelings of joy and can increase motivation which, in turn, increase the productivity of one’s life. 
  • Malachite
    • This crystal is all about deep transformation! By amplifying the energy of change, it allows individuals to adapt into their current circumstances which result in acceptance and the release of old patterns that no longer align. It can propel you into the next opportunity/possibility of life. Malachite is also said to bring money luck into your life! 
  • Tourmaline/Obsidian
    • This crystal is a beautiful stone of protection. This stone has the potential of shielding an individual from harmful and negative energies. This crystal is also useful when in need of grounding energy!
  • Green Aventurine
    • This crystal is considered to be the stone of opportunity. This stone is perfect for attracting financial success and abundance. One of the luckiest crystals around!
  • Amazonite
    • This crystal is considered the stone of hope. This stone supports one’s manifestations by pushing you towards your personal goals. 

    Now that I have shared some knowledge about what crystals can be used in manifestation depending on your desires - let’s begin!

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to Manifest with Crystals

    1. Select your Crystals 

    The crystal you select can be determined by what you are trying to manifest into your reality! To help with selection, from the provided list above, choose crystals that you feel resonates with your energy to help manifest your desires. 

    As I stated in my previous blogs, there are two ways to selecting a crystal: 

    • (1) Trusting your intuition’s guidance, 
    • (2) Selecting crystals that you are drawn to and/or crystals that are calling you! 

    When browsing your collection, set an intention of acquiring guidance when choosing the most aligned crystal for you and your goals. 

    2. Cleanse and Charge your Crystals

    Incorporating the practice of cleansing and charging your crystals can amplify and strengthen your intentions.

    To cleanse crystals, there are four methods you can use that are safe for all crystals:

    • Selenite/Satin Spar
    • Incense
    • Sound
    • Brown Rice. 

    To charge your crystals, there are three methods you can choose from:

    • Sunlight
    • Moonlight
    • Burying or placing your crystals in the earth

    For an in-depth knowledge on how to safety cleanse and charge your crystals, visit my previous blog post here!

    3. Program your Crystals

    The practice of programming your crystals is a subtle “forgotten” aspect of using crystals. This may be the most significant part when it comes to manifesting. The energy of your intention is what will call your manifestations in.

    To set your intentions, hold the crystals you have chosen in your hand;  I usually rub them in-between my palms to circulate my energy and the crystals as well. This will allow you to tap into the energy of the crystal. Ground yourself in your present moment by connecting with your breath. 

    At this moment, you are collaborating with the universe, bringing to light - through visualization - what you are desiring! With the crystal in your hand, state your intention in your mind or out loud. 

    “I am programming this crystal to support my manifestations of ______ .”

    When stating your intention, ensure you are clear and concise! Depending on preference, stating them in your mind has the same effect as if it were stated out loud. Our thoughts, emotions, and actions are all connected as one.

    4. Work with the Crystal Daily

    This practice ensures that you are still aligning with what you previously manifested! An example of this would be the materialistic tools (i.e., such as crystals) that help increase our connection spiritually which strengthen the bridge for your manifestations to come into fruition.

    There are different ways to work with your crystals daily: 

    • (1) Visualizing your manifestations when you hold your crystals
    • (2) Wearing it as jewelry and/or putting them in your pocket
    • (3) Affirming it on a piece of paper and setting your crystal on top of it by your bedside table and/or desk

    When visualizing, it is important to see yourself in the timeline as if you have already acquired it. This supports that you are capable of nurturing your manifestations.

    Manifesting with crystals is a beautiful practice, with powerful results.

    If there are any questions surround this week’s blog, don’t be afraid to DM us on instagram @manifestandflowshop 

    If you are ready to expand your knowledge about crystals and are curious about what authentic crystals you can get your hands on, visit our store-front or order online here!


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