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Crystal Store in Hamilton, Ontario

Crystal Shop in Hamilton ontario

Two weeks ago today we opened the doors to our crystal shop in Hamilton, Ontario - and we are so happy we did! 

If you have been following us for a while, you know that used to only sold crystals online. We started small, turning our living room into a small crystal store, selling crystals on Etsy.  

From the very beginning, finding high quality crystals and making decisions rooted in ethics and sustainability has been a priority. It meant saying no to a lot of wholesalers, and not being able to sell certain crystals.  But, one by one, we built relationships and grew our collection.

In addition to maintaining the integrity + quality  of the beautiful crystals we sell, we are passionate about customer service. We always wanted this to be felt by our customers, even if they were thousands of kilometres away.

The next step in our journey was launching our own website and moving to a larger space. We had outgrown our living room and needed a vibey space to create + grow. This is when we moved our crystal shop to Hamilton. 

We were born and raised in Hamilton, and love this city so there we started looking for a space to hold inventory, shipping supplies and a very large crystal ATM. 

We signed our lease at 599 King St E, Hamilton mid-July. Initially the space was not “the vibe”. Check the pics below… 

Hamilton Crystal Shop
Crystal shop in hamilton Ontario
Where to buy crystals in hamilton ontario

But our strengths are in the vision and bigger picture and we intuitively felt this was our space.  After some renovations and a lot of paint and we were up and running! 

Even though we didn’t have a store front and were operating as an office/ warehouse we were welcomed by the neighborhood! (Special shout-out to our neighbor Scott at Ed’s Sports Bar who has been looking out for us from day 1).   

Again and again people would say we should open our crystal shop up to the public.  We were resistant at first as the goal was always to be online but we missed the connections from in-person interactions.  Our friends and friends of friends would come to our little space and do some crystal shopping, and they too, would encourage us to open up.

Eventually the signs and inner calling was too loud to silence. We decided to transform the front of the space into a crystal store, and keep the back half as our packaging area.  Our target date was Dec. 4 - logically this seemed near impossible to meet but it felt right. The day of the total solar eclipse. 

We put in 12-14 hour days, painting the walls, floors, and building shelving -  and even created the whimsical wisteria garland for out front! 
It was all worth it when our first customers came through the door on that Saturday! 

Crystal Shop Hamilton OntarioCrystal Store Hamilton Ontario
Crystal Shops HamiltonCrystal Vending Machine Hamilton
crystal store Hamilton OntarioHamilton Crystal Shop
Hamilton Crystal StoreCrystal Store Hamilton King Street E

There are many amazing crystal shops in Hamilton and we are so happy to be serving the Landsdale community!   We have an incense bar, crystal vending machine and lots of gorgeous crystals looking for a new home. 

If you are in the area we would love it if you stopped by to check out our little Hamilton Crystal Shop! 

Hope to meet you soon!








Great job, Chelsea! I love what you’ve done with the space!

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