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7 Best Gifts For Crystal Lovers 2021

7 Best Gifts For Crystal Lovers 2021

If you are looking for a special gift for the crystal lover in your life - you've come to the right place!  The crystal-obsessed can be tough to buy for.  On one hand, they can never have too many crystals but on the other hand, it may seem like they already have everything! 

To help you pick out the perfect present, we've curated a list of the 7 best gifts for crystal lovers with extra special items they are sure to love! 

1. Pyrite Curvy Goddess

These gorgeous goddesses are hand-carved from 100% pyrite, a crystal known to attract prosperity, wealth and abundance. Standing at approximately 4 inches tall they are powerful decor pieces that look great on a desk, shelf or dresser. 

This is an excellent crystal for someone who enjoys special carved pieces or looking for a little help in manifesting their dreams, increasing ambition and stimulating creativity. 

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2. Malachite Chip Bracelet

Malachite is an incredibly powerful and highly sought-after crystal, considered to be the "stone of transformation".  This is perfect for someone who is going through a period of change.  It is also known to transmute negative energy into positive, increase positive vibrations and provide protection. This bracelet is made of authentic malachite chips on an elastic cord.  


> Shop Malachite Chip Bracelet Here


3.  Zodiac Crystal Box

Zodiac Crystal Box

For a more personalized gift, you can give them a crystal box specially curated for their zodiac sign!  For example, in the Sagittarius Crystal Kit the crystals are targeted to strengthen a Sag's natural gifts and overcome weaknesses.

Each kit contains a bracelet, special piece like a tower or carved crystal, and a variety of raw and tumbled crystals. These crystals all come in a special satin-lined box where they can store their crystals, jewelry or sacred items. 

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4. Selenite Bowl

Selenite Bowl

This is a beautiful gift that serves an important purpose.  Selenite is known to charge other crystals, strengthening their powers.  It is also known to provide clarity, promote good decision making, and provide insight into higher spiritual realms.  With this bowl, the crystal-lover in your life can keep and charge their crystals.

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5.  Sweet Surprise Crystal Mystery Box

sweet surprise crystal mystery box

It is believed that the crystals that come into your life are meant for you.  This is why crystals that are gifted are so cherished!  In this cute ice cream box package, you will receive 3 intuitively picked crystals.  There will be a combination of both tumbled and raw, roughly 1 inch in size.   

Not only will they love the high-quality crystals they receive, but you won't need to wrap their gift as it already comes in cute packaging! 

> Shop Sweet Surprise Crystal Mystery Box Here


6. Heal + Vibe High Kit

We all could use a little healing and want to vibe high.  This crystal kit contains three extraordinary crystals.  The first is rough blue aragonite.  This crystal is more rare, and known to provide calming energy, confidence, happiness and aid in communication.  The second crystal is this kit is a large piece of raw howlite.  Howlite is an incredible stone that is known to enhance tranquility, reduces stress, improve focus, and remove fear.  The third crystal in this kit is selenite.  Selenite will provide clarity, enhance spiritual connection and provide feelings of serenity. 

This kit is a great aid to use with meditation, journaling, or to keep close by!

> Shop the Heal + Vibe High Kit Here 


7. Mini Carnelian Sphere

Carnelian Sphere
These stunning mini spheres are are made from authentic, high-quality carnelian.   Small enough to keep in a pocket, purse or bra - your crystal-loving friend can harness the powers of carnelian wherever they go! 

Carnelian is a crystal of passion, known to motivate and spark motivation and passionate.  This crystal will energize the user and ignite something within. 

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